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Slingo Racing Game

Slingo Racing
  • slingo_originalSlingo Original
Slingo Racing is a fast, fun and exciting Slingo game with a unique horse racing theme! Choose a horse at the beginning of the game and collect multipliers as it races around the track. If your horse crosses the finish line, you’ll win a generous jackpot prize! With its innovative racecourse format plus the familiar Slingo grid, it’s double the fun with this high-energy game. Feeling lucky? Play Slingo Racing now!
  • 12Paylines
  • £0.20Min. Bet
  • £20Max. Bet
  • £440Biggest Win
  • SlingoProduced by
  • 5Reels
  • 2D/3D, Horse RacingGame Theme
  • NoJackpot

Slingo Racing Game Description

Experience all the fun of the races AND Slingo with our exciting new release: Slingo Racing! You’ll recognise the familiar Slingo format, where you’ll mark off numbers on the reel with those on the grid to complete Slingos and work your way up the pay ladder.

However, this time there’s a twist: before the game begins you’ll be asked to choose a horse. The horses advance around the racetrack on the edge of the Slingo grid each time a number is matched on the grid and the horse’s corresponding colour is revealed.

Reach multipliers on the racecourse to boost your winnings, with a jackpot prize awarded if your horse reaches the finish line!

The Slingo Racing game is fully optimised for both desktop and mobile use, meaning you can play whenever and wherever you feel like it.

How to Play Slingo Racing Online

Before playing Slingo Racing online, you’ll need to decide on your stake. Adjust it using the stacked coins icon underneath the ‘START GAME’ button.

Once that’s sorted, hit ‘START GAME’ to begin.

You’ll then be asked to choose one of three horses to race with. The horses have different volatilities and different jackpot prizes, too. Those with a higher volatility are likely to pay out less frequently, but with bigger prizes (and vice versa).

Once you’ve chosen a horse, the game will begin automatically.

The aim of the game is to match up numbers on the reel with those on the grid. Just like in other Slingo games, you’ll win a Slingo for marking off five numbers on the grid – vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Completing a Slingo on the grid will move you up the pay ladder, and your goal is to mark off every number on the grid to achieve a full house and win the corresponding prize.

Wilds and Super Wilds can help you towards this goal by allowing you to choose specific numbers to mark off on the grid.

You’ll notice that the horses move around the racecourse when a position on the grid is marked off to reveal their colour. If your horse reaches a multiplier value on the racecourse, this multiplier will be applied to your win.

If your horse makes it to the finish line before the end of the game, you’ll win the corresponding jackpot!

Slingo Racing Characters and Features

The first characters you’ll encounter in the Slingo Racing game are the horses themselves. The green one is called A Little Hoarse, with a jackpot of £200. Next is Hairy Trotter in blue, with a jackpot value of £500. Last but certainly not least is red horse Foal’s Gold, with a jackpot of £1,000.

You’ll see that when numbers are marked off on the grid they will reveal either a green, a blue, a red or a horseshoe (no colour) symbol that corresponds to the horses on the racecourse. For example, if a green symbol is revealed the green horse (A Little Hoarse) will advance around the track.

The horseshoe symbols represent a number marked off the grid, but they do not move any of the horses around the track.

The Slingo Racing game also features Wilds and Super Wilds, which can also be green, blue, red or blank/no colour.

Wilds allow you to mark off any number in the column above the one it appears in, and will also advance the corresponding horse around the track.

Super Wilds are similar, although they let you choose any number in the entire grid to mark off.

Wilds and Super Wilds that are blank/no colour still allow you to mark off numbers, but they do not advance a horse around the track.

Look out for a Free Spin symbol too, which will award you an additional spin at the end of the current game.

Slingo Racing FAQs

Q: What is the maximum bet for Slingo Racing?
A: The maximum bet for Slingo Racing is £100, making it suitable for players with a range of budgets.

Q: What is the minimum bet for Slingo Racing?
A: The minimum bet for Slingo Racing is £0.20, giving players a wide range of betting options.

Q: Can I play Slingo Racing on mobile?
A: Yes, of course! All of our games are fully optimised for mobile use so that you can enjoy your favourite games on the go.

Q: What is the RTP of Slingo Racing?
A: Slingo Racing has an RTP of 96.5%. RTP means Return To Player, and it signifies the amount of money a slot theoretically pays out over a large number of spins.

Q: What is the biggest potential win for Slingo Racing?
A: The biggest potential win for Slingo Racing is an incredible 1,000x your original bet!

Slingo Racing Game on Slingo is the official home of Slingo Originals, including Slingo Racing. This exciting new game has all the fun of the races, with an innovative racecourse format that gives you the chance to win even more cash prizes! With its original theme, simple gameplay and generous jackpot prizes, you’ll be chomping at the bit to play this new Slingo release. Ready to try something new? Play Slingo Racing now!

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