Cleopatra PLUS

Cleopatra PLUS

Love the Cleopatra slot? Who doesn’t! Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that your favourite Pharaoh has returned to Slingo in this magnificent sequel game – packed with more ancient Egyptian riches than the slot world has ever seen…


Cleopatra Plus is the follow-on slot from the world-renowned Cleopatra. IGT have taken their most popular game, thrown in some new and exciting features, and come up with this – the next Cleopatra slot waiting to take the world by storm! Have a play now to find out what all the fuss is about – just make sure you LEVEL UP to take advantage of boosted wins and even more features than there is in the base game.

How To Play

The new Cleopatra slot could be summed up as follows: play simple, win big! It really couldn’t be easier to play, especially since its 40 paylines are automatically enabled on every spin. To play your game, simply set your bet with the –/+ bet buttons, then SPIN to get Cleopatra Plus started. Fancy taking a back seat on your trip to ancient Egypt? Then use the AUTO SPIN feature to run out a set number of spins without having to lift a finger.


Deity Picker

The Deity Picker is an extra perk of this game, giving you the chance to win more frequently and in bigger amounts. At Level 1+, you can pick from the following deities: Aset, Bastet, Hathor. These deities are distributed across all reels, giving you increased chance of getting a win more often. At Level 4+, you can also pick from the following additional deities: Amun, Ra, Anubis. These deities are stacked across all reels, giving you increased chance of getting bigger wins.

Stacked 2x Wilds

Giving this game some extra ‘plusness’ are its Stacked 2x Wilds, which are a feature not only of the base game, but of the Free Spins Bonus too. They’re pretty self-explanatory – stacks of up to 10 wild symbols with a 2x multiplier, meaning they double every win they substitute. Ker-ching!

Level Up Plus Feature

To get the most out the all-new Cleopatra Plus online slot game, THIS is the feature you need to know about. The Level Up Plus feature allows you to do just that – level up and unlock extra game content as you do, including PERMANENT pay boots! To level up, simply collect ‘followers’ with each Bonus symbol that lands on the reels. Once you have enough, you’ll work your way through the following levels:

LEVEL 1: Chosen by Aset

Alexandria bonus map is available

LEVEL 2: Heart of Aset

Unlocks Nile River Valley bonus map

LEVEL 3: Aset is Pleased

Unlocks new Bonus symbol (reel 5) which can earn you 2 extra followers when it appears

LEVEL 4: Beautiful Desire of Aset

Unlocks 3 new deities: Amun/Ra/Anubis

LEVEL 5: Eternal Strength of Aset

Unlocks new Bonus symbol (reel 5) which can earn you 3 extra followers when it appears

LEVEL 6: Everlasting Light of Aset

Unlocks Last Spin Multiplier feature (up to 50x multiplier)

LEVEL 7: Golden Face of Aset

Unlocks Pyramids of Giza bonus map, offering the largest possible rewards of all

LEVEL 8: Glorious Soul of Aset

Unlocks Super Spin feature (a super rich free spin with large stacks of 2x Wild symbols)

Cleopatra Free Spins Bonus

Finally, the Cleopatra Free Spins Bonus – which just gets better and better the more levels you unlock! That’s because the Last Spin Multiplier and Super Spin features are only available once you’ve hit levels 6 and 8 respectively. #GOALS! Whatever level you’re at, you’ll get 5 FREE spins if you land 3 BONUS symbols anywhere in the game. You’ll just need to choose your realms, place your followers your chose locations, before spinning and (hopefully) adding on the following:

  • A number of free spins – up to 30
  • A multiplier for your free spins – up to 5x
  • A number of credits – up to 30x your bet
  • A last spin multiplier – up to 50x
  • A number of Super Spins – up to 10 spins


Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of between 92.80% - 96.40% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out between £92.80 - £96.40

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