Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Calling all Jurassic Park fans! Okay, okay, calling EVERYONE! The world’s favourite dinosaur movie has been turned into a slot, and you can play it right here, right now at Slingo. Wait – what’s that behind you!?


Step right inside the Jurassic jungle as you play on the invisible reels of this awesome slot game, which is, of course, based on Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster movie. The action wouldn’t be complete without 243 ways-to-win at all times, as well as some super helpful Wilds and Scatters, plus the chance to win up to £95k! And you’d better keep on your toes, because the T-Red Alert Mode could trigger at any time…

How To Play

You don’t need to be prehistoric to master the controls in this slot. Since you’ll always have 243 ways-to-win, the only thing you need to do before hitting the big red SPIN button is set your stake. Do this using the arrows on either side of the BET meter. If you’d prefer to keep hidden in the canopy, you can always choose to use the AUTO PLAY option and have a selected number of games play out automatically for you. And now that you’re playing…

T-Rex Alert Mode

You’d better watch out! No Jurassic Park game would be complete without a T-Rex lurking in the shadows, and true to form, the T-Rex Alert Mode can trigger randomly at any time in the base game. Once triggered, it’ll be active for 6 spins, bringing you TRIPLE Stacked Wilds and individual Wilds on all reels. Stack up on the wins while you can!

Free Spin Bonus

The Free Spins Bonus in the Jurassic Park slot machine is as epic as you’d expect, giving you the chance to walk away with no less than £95,000. To trigger it, you’ll need to land 3+ Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, at which point you’ll be awarded 1 of 5 bonus types at random. If you trigger the Free Spins Bonus 25 times in one game, from then on you’ll be granted the chance to CHOOSE your bonus type, should you trigger it again. All bonuses award 12 free spins, but each comes with an extra unique feature too:

- 12 Free Spins with Wild Reels
- All T-Rex symbols will stack 3 deep on all reels
- T-Rex can turn all reels Wild

- 12 Free Spins with Split Wilds or Wild Multipliers
- Split Wilds will split into two if there is a chance of a win
- Split Wilds can result in a 6-of-a-kind win, which pays 2x a 5-of-a-kind win
- Multiplier Wilds will award a random multiplier or 4x, 5x or 6x
- All Velociraptor symbols will stack 3 deep on all reels

- 12 Free Spins with Mystery Multiplier on every spin
- Mystery Multiplier will be either 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 6x
- 2x and 3x multipliers can be active for 3-5 spins
- 4x multiplier can be active for 4-5 spins
- 5x and 6x multipliers are active for 4 spins only
- All Brachiosaurus symbols are stacked 3 deep on all reels

- 12 Free Spins with Running Wilds, Random Stack Nudges and Re-Spins
- Running Wilds feature on all reels, with stacks starting at 3 Wilds deep and 1 Wild being added to each stack per spin
- On reels with partial stacks, a multi-Triceratops stampede will run across the reels, resulting in Wild symbols nudging to become reel Wilds; the reel Wilds will hold in place and the remaining reels will re-spin
- On reels with FULL STACKS, the Stacked Wilds will pulse to indicate the hold; the reel Wilds will hold in place and the remaining reels will re-spin
- All Triceratops symbols will stack 3 deep on all reels

- 12 Free Spins with Winning Wilds
- Dilophosaurus can appear and spit at a symbol to turn it into a Winning Wild
- Winning Wilds remain in position as long as they contribute to a win
- Winning Wilds substitute for all symbols
- Dilophosaurus symbols will stack 3 deep on all reels

Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.67% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.67.

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