Bingo Clash: 90 Ball vs 75 Ball

90 Ball vs 75 Ball Bingo
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90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo are two of the most popular types of online bingo games out there. But if you’re new to online bingo, you might be wondering what the difference is between the two – aside from the obvious, that 90 ball bingo has more balls than 75 ball bingo!

In fact, there are some important differences between the two types of game that you’ll want to know about before you start playing. For example, in 75 ball bingo you could be marking off a pattern like four corners, an L shape or even a number shape. In 90 ball bingo, the only prizes on offer are likely to be for one line, two lines or a full house (marking off all the numbers on your card).

Keep reading to find out more about 75 ball and 90 ball bingo.


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What Is Online Bingo?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of bingo before. The game that involves marking off numbers on bingo cards for a chance to win a cash prize has been popular in the UK ever since the 1960s, when new gambling laws allowed bingo halls to be opened up and down the country.

Fast-forward to today, and bingo is still being enjoyed by thousands of people in bingo halls. However, the internet brought us an exciting new way to play from the comfort of our own homes. Online bingo games are becoming increasingly popular at online casinos like Slingo, and offer exciting variations on the traditional bingo format. With features like progressive jackpots, in-game chat rooms and auto-daubing of numbers, online bingo is the future of the nation’s favourite game!

What Is 90 Ball Bingo? 

90 ball bingo is the most popular form of bingo in the UK, and it’s the most traditional version of the game in this country. It’s widely played in other countries, too, and players all over the world love its simple structure and real money prizes.

The game was introduced to the UK in the 1960s and took bingo halls up and down the country by storm. It continues to be played in physical halls today, although the online version of the game is becoming an even more popular way to play.

The game is played on a 3x9 card, and each line of 9 boxes has 5 numbers and 4 empty spots.

One of our favourite things about 90 ball bingo is that there are three chances to win in any one game, with a prize for one line, two lines or a full house (all of the numbers marked off).

90 Ball Bingo Games

Here are some of the 90 ball bingo games you can play at Slingo:

End of Summer Sale Bingo

The End of Summer Sale is a fun-filled online bingo room that sends summer off with a bang! This epic bingo game has a ticket price of just £0.01 on Fridays and Saturdays, and on these days the prize pot can reach up to £1,000.

From Sunday to Thursday either the Roll On or the XTG feature will be activated, with tickets costing £0.15 each. The End of Summer Sale has a total prize pot of £30,000 to be won overall.

Heavyweight Bingo

Heavyweight is a fun 90 ball bingo room with a prize pot that is bigger than your average online bingo game. It’s open all day every day for pre-buy, until the big game itself at 9pm.

Like other 90 ball bingo games, Heavyweight is played on a 3x9 grid with the numbers 1-90. There are three chances to win a prize: for marking off one line, two lines or a full house. Heavyweight Bingo has an RTP of 75% and a minimum ticket price of £0.25.

Jackpot Room Bingo

Jackpot Room is an action-packed 90 ball online bingo game with a huge progressive jackpot up for grabs.

If you’re lucky enough to get a full house in 36 calls or less, you’ll win the progressive jackpot. This prize pot is usually much higher than the average win amount in bingo games, and it increases each time a game is played and it isn’t claimed. The RTP of Jackpot Room is 75%, and tickets start from £0.01.

Super Heavyweight Bingo

Super Heavyweight is a high-energy 90 ball bingo room with a prize pot that is bigger than the Heavyweight game. You can pre-buy your tickets all day every day, until the big game itself starts at 9pm every Saturday.

Like other 90 ball bingo games, Heavyweight is played on a 3x9 grid with the numbers 1-90.

There are three chances to win a prize: for marking off one line, two lines or a full house. Heavyweight Bingo has a minimum ticket price of £0.25.

What Is 75-Ball Bingo?

75 ball bingo is the most popular form of bingo in the USA, and it’s gaining popularity in the UK too. With 75 balls instead of the usual 90, this version of the game offers players a quicker way to play.

The game is usually played over three cards, each with a 5x5 grid and a blank square in the centre. Players need to mark off a specific pattern to win, which will vary depending on the game. Rows can sometimes be completed vertically or horizontally, but there’s also the potential for lots more fun patterns! From hearts to ships and smiley faces, whichever pattern you’re playing for will be clearly highlighted on the game screen so you know what to look out for.

75 Ball Bingo Games

You can find these 75 ball bingo games here at Slingo:

Love Grows

Love Grows is a unique 75 ball bingo game with an escalator jackpot. This means that if the full house prize of £7,000 still hasn’t been won after 35 bingo calls, the value of the prize will increase by £100 with every additional ball that is called.

If no-one has got their hands on the prize by the 55th ball, it will increase by £200 a ball - up to a maximum jackpot prize of £14,000! The Love Grows bingo game also features prizes for one line and two lines, giving you even more chances to win a prize.

Country Roads Bingo

Country Road is a 75 ball bingo game inspired by the USA and country and western –after all, it is the type of bingo that is most popular in the States!

Prizes are awarded for One Line, Full House and Pattern, adding an exciting new element to the game. Pattern wins are achieved by marking off all of the numbers on a predetermined pattern – the pattern could be a diagonal, a shape, a letter or something else. The Country Roads online bingo game has an RTP of 75%, and tickets start at £0.03.

Similarities between 90 Ball and 75 Ball Bingo

Although we’ve focused on the differences in this article, there are a number of similarities between 90 ball and 75 ball bingo. For a start, the basic premise of the game remains the same: to mark off numbers on your bingo card with those that are read out by the caller (or that are generated on screen, if you’re playing online).

Both 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo offer a fun and practical way to play the game, from the comfort of your own home or on the go. And if you’re playing with real money, you’ll also get the chance to win a cash prize in both games!

Play Bingo Games at 

Play all these bingo games and more at, the official home of Slingo! Choose from an amazing selection of bingo, slots and Slingo games in a safe, secure environment that puts you first. Ready to try something new? Sign up and play online bingo here at Slingo. Always gamble responsibly, and never spend more than you can afford to lose.

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