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Bauble Blast
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Bauble Blast Overview

Bauble Blast bingo game is a cheerful addition to our catalogue of online bingo games is a turbo-speed version of traditional 90 ball bingo games, making it great for players looking for a quick, on-the-go bingo game.

Want to learn more about Bauble Blast? Keep reading our Spotlight review for all the information you need.


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Bauble Blast Information

Game Name: Bauble Blast

Bingo Time: 8am - 1am

Game Provider: Pragmatic

Bingo Variant: 90 Balls

Jackpot: No

Min. Ticket: £0.02


What Is 90 Ball Bingo?

90 ball bingo is the most popular form of UK online bingo. The game is played on a rectangular card, with three lines and five numbers from 1-90 on each line.

There are usually three prizes up for grabs for One Line, Two Line and Full House, although in Bauble Blast there is only one prize for Full House. This makes the game much faster, and games are usually over in a couple of minutes!

Bauble Blast Gameplay

Bauble Blast is a festive version of the Bingo Blast game that some of you may have played before. Whether you’ve played the original game or not, Bauble Blast offers a fun gaming experience for everyone.

The game’s background is a cosy Christmas living room complete with Christmas tree, roaring fire and brightly wrapped presents.

In terms of gameplay, you can expect a pace that is three to four times faster than the average 90 ball bingo game, which makes for a thrilling gaming experience. Games last on average just two minutes before a winner is called, and there is only one prize for a Full House – no prizes for One Line or Two Lines!

You’ll also notice that at the beginning of each game there’s a ‘blast’ of random numbers (in the form of baubles, of course) on the screen. Any numbers that match those on your cards will be marked off automatically, and then the rest of the numbers in the game will appear one by one. 

We love how the ‘blast’ feature creates an initial buzz of excitement, with the potential to mark off multiple numbers right at the beginning of the game!

Bauble Blast Game Features

The Bauble Blast game has a few special features that make it even more fun to play. Here’s a quick summary:

90 ball bingo game

Bauble Blast is a 90 ball bingo game that is suitable for beginners and more experienced players.

Turbo-speed games

The format of the game is three to four times faster than other 90 ball bingo games.

One prize per round

There’s just one prize on offer in Bauble Blast, for a Full House, making the games super-speedy!

Tickets start from just £0.02

With ticket prices starting from £0.02, Bauble Blast is suitable for players with different budgets.

Optimised for mobile gaming

Bauble Blast is fully optimised for on-the-go gaming, and is suitable for both mobile phones and tablets.

Other Bingo Variants

Although we’re focusing on 90 ball bingo in this blog, there are lots of different bingo variants to explore here at Slingo’s online bingo casino.

Let’s take a look at them in a little more detail below:

30 Ball Bingo

30 ball bingo is a newer form of bingo that is becoming increasingly popular, and with just 30 balls it offers a turbo-speed gaming experience where winners are found within one or two minutes!

Play Zoom Room Bingo at Slingo, our 30 ball bingo game.

75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo is the most popular form of bingo in the USA, and you’ll usually need to match a certain pattern on the reels (an arrow, four corners, etc.) to win.

Try Country Roads Bingo at Slingo to experience 75 ball bingo.

80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo is faster than the standard 90-ball game, but a little slower than 75 ball bingo, making it perfect for those looking for a happy medium between the two.

It’s played on a 4x4 grid filled with numbers from 1-80, and you can win by marking off a pattern shown on the card. Common patterns include horizontal and vertical lines, single numbers and four corners.

Boom Box Bingo at Slingo is a great 80 ball bingo game to try.

Bauble Blast Summary

Bauble Blast is one of our favourite festive games available to play at Slingo. The speedy gameplay makes it perfect for those looking for a fast-paced 90 ball bingo game, and we love how simple it is to understand and play.

Play Bauble Blast at Slingo

Bauble Blast is a fun and festive online bingo game that you can enjoy all year round. With super-speedy games up to 4x faster than the average bingo game, it’s perfect for on-the-go gaming on your mobile. Want to try it for yourself? Play Bauble Blast at!

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