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Boom Box Bingo
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Join us today as we shine our spotlight on the exciting 80-ball Bingo variant known as Boom Box Bingo. Boom Box is an 80-ball bingo game that is quick, entertaining, and exciting. Boom Box is ideal for gamers on the go because it requires fewer balls, which leads to faster games and more chances to win. Alongside this, with helpful features such as an auto dauber, Boom Box Bingo is highly accessible to players who are less tech-savvy and want to experience the fun of the bingo hall from the comfort of their own home. Keep on reading to learn more about the funky and fun Boom Box Bingo game, one of the most loved bingo games in the UK!


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Boom Box Bingo Information

Game Name: Boom Box Bingo

Bingo Time: 3PM to 7PM

Game Provider: Pragmatic

Bingo Variant: 80 Balls

Jackpot: Yes

Min. Ticket: £0.01

About the Boom Box Bingo Variant

Boom Box, an 80-ball bingo game with incredible real money rewards, is the perfect party game. Boom Box bingo games are speedier since there are fewer balls involved than in typical 90-ball bingo games. There is only one reward available in this game, which is played on a 4x4 grid. Get a complete house before the other players to win it!

You don't have to worry about keeping up with the caller even though 80-ball bingo games are quick. Any matched numbers on your card will be instantly daubed, just like in all of our online bingo games, ensuring that you never miss out on a matching number, and the chance to win if the pace gets a little bit speedy!

Boom Box is completely tailored for desktop and mobile use, enabling you to get down to the beat whenever and wherever it suits you. 

Boom Box is just one of the many exciting bingo variants on offer here at Slingo, we of course offer traditional 90-ball bingo as well as other fun examples such as the ultra-speedy 30-ball variant. When you’re done reading our spotlight on the Boom Box Bingo game, why not explore our bingo games lobby and discover more?

Boom Box Bingo Game Features: What Can Our Players Expect?

Despite being a straightforward and speedy bingo variant, there’s actually a whole host of great game features to shout about with this game. If you love the social element of a bingo hall you’ll enjoy the live chat feature where you can even win some additional prizes for getting stuck in. If you love playing bingo on the go and don’t like how long some traditional bingo games take, then you’ll surely appreciate the fact that Boom Box Bingo is fully optimized across all devices. Let’s take a look at some more great game features of Boom Box Bingo:

  • Using numbers from your cards, a revolving animation quickly fires bingo calls and you can manually daub numbers or utilise our auto-daub feature which means you can still enjoy this game even if you’d have usually struggled with the faster pace.
  • Faster games and greater wins result from fewer balls with a single prize awarded for hitting a Full House.
  • Win more tickets via entertaining chat room games in a welcoming chat room where you may engage with other players and the host. You can toggle the audio on or offer if you prefer to play quietly. 
  • Boom Box Bingo was designed with mobile use in mind and its easy-to-use interface and quicker play speed make it ideal for gamers on the go.

Boom Box Bingo Is a Party That’s Waiting For You

Boom Box Bingo is a groovy party that runs every day from 3 pm-7 pm, perfect for some early evening entertainment. With stakes starting at just 1p, everyone can get involved - so long as you’re registered to play here at Slingo of course! With accessibility incorporated into the game experience, you can enjoy Boom Box Bingo if you’re new to bingo games, less tech-savvy if you’re gaming on the go - quite literally if you’re anyone at all! Why not see if you can rock out to the Boom Boxes tunes?

Play Boom Box Bingo on Slingo and Get Down to The Beat!

Remember, you can join in on the fun of Boom Town Bingo every day right here at Slingo from 3 pm to 7 pm. With wagers starting at just 1p, why not try out bingo for the first time, or for those 90-ball bingo fans to test out the speedier 80-ball variant? Sign up and play today at Slingo to discover more.

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