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Countries Who Love to Play Bingo

Countries Who Loves Bingo
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While bingo originated in Italy in the 16th century, since then lots of other countries have fallen head over heels for the game and play Bingo regularly. From the rise in bingo halls in the 20th century to the explosion of online bingo games in the 21st, Bingo is now very much a staple game of chance which is played across the world. So, without further ado, join us as we explore the countries that are bingo-mad.


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Some may be surprised to learn that Romania is second in the world for bingo enthusiasts. The game has grown significantly more than anyone could have predicted since its introduction in 1990. The fall of the Ceausescu government is one of the main causes of this. With a population of about 20 million, there aren't many bingo halls in the country—about 25–30—but that's double what it was in 2008, indicating that the game is still becoming more and more popular. Plus, with Romanian TV series like Bingo Romania being highly popular, bingo halls are aiming to be just as successful as their online counterparts, so if you’re a Bingo fan looking for a European holiday, you might just want to make Romania the top of your list!


You may think that with the plethora of seaside Bingo halls in the UK or the iconic image of bingo being played across the bible belt or southern regions of the USA, either of these countries would take the top spot for most bingo players, but it is actually Canada who is calling out Bingo the most. Millions of people play bingo in Canada, making it the most popular country for playing the game both offline and online. Virtually every Canadian community has a physical bingo hall, and online bingo rooms are also quite well-liked. In addition, a lot of Canadians like to unwind and have fun by playing free online bingo games.

United Kingdom

Bingo has a lengthy history in the United Kingdom. It should come as no surprise that bingo is still one of the most played games in the UK. Brick-and-mortar bingo halls can be found in practically every town and city. Online bingo is also quite popular and a strong sense of community has been created in some of the most popular online sites. In addition, a lot of people in the UK like to unwind and have fun by playing free bingo games online.

United States

A Polish-American toy manufacturer by the name of Edwin Lowe is responsible for being Bingo to the USA. He first called it Beano, but he changed it after one of his pals unintentionally yelled "Bingo" after winning a game.

An estimated $90 million is spent each week on bingo tickets by Americans. States in America have varied gambling regulations and ten of them still forbid it as a business. However, federal bingo has been lawful since 2011, and even the ten states that forbid commercial bingo will still allow it to be played at charity events and other gatherings. In the USA, the most popular variation is the 75-ball variant.


Although bingo halls aren't allowed in Japan, they are quite acceptable online, and as a result, they've grown a lot in popularity. Nevertheless, although you can play bingo in person at pachinko parlours and casinos, you are not officially able to win money. Though there are prizes up for grabs, there's also a wild legal loophole that lets you exchange winning tickets for cash as long as it takes place somewhere else.

Following America's lead, Japan has made 75-ball bingo the norm, setting a record for the largest game ever played. In 2010, an insane 493,824 individuals played it.


Similar to the UK, the average age of Italian bingo players is decreasing, which contributes to the game's growing appeal. More than 300 bingo halls nationwide are hosting games. There are further similarities between the UK and Italy when it comes to bingo since, similar to this country, internet bingo was the catalyst for the Italians' resurgence and the revival of the bingo sector. Sicilians are formally the most devoted to bingo in all of Italy because they play 90 ball bingo the most and have the greatest number of bingo rooms in the region.


Would you have performed better in school if bingo had been played during lessons? Bingo is a popular educational technique in Germany, thus it's safe to say that the people there think so. Although spelling and algebra are the disciplines where it is most frequently used, other subjects can also benefit from bingo gameplay. Despite this, there are only about 40 bingo halls in Germany, despite the fact that the game is well-liked both in online casinos and for fun and learning in classrooms.


In Sweden, bingo is very popular, especially with younger players who are devouring the game. With only 10 million residents, it's estimated that Sweden's bingo market is as large as that of the UK. That means that each individual plays a lot of bingo.

The drive-in bingo variant of the game is one of the most often used. At this point, everyone travels to a field, parks in orderly rows, purchases tickets, and the numbers are called aloud over a loudspeaker. If there is a queue or a full house, you are required to sound your horn.

There is a popular primetime bingo TV programme called Bingolotto that has been on since 1989, and online bingo is also very popular.

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