Everything You Need to Know about Bingo Daubers

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So, what are Bingo Daubers? These ink pens, which come in a variety of colours and symbols and are also known as bingo markers and bingo dabbers, can be used to mark the bingo card. Bingo daubers, as opposed to conventional ink pens, are shaped like plastic bottles. They have a sponge-like tip and come in various ink colours.

It is utilised by the players to mark the numbers called by the bingo caller listed on their bingo card.

They typically come with 45 ml of ink, but some bingo players prefer 80 to 120 ml so they may use them for multiple games. The daubers' ink is non-toxic and non-staining. Players can thus use it without being afraid of stains or allergic reactions.

The History of Bingo Daubers

Bingo has a long history that dates back to the 1500s in France. But in the eighteenth century, it spread to other nations. Bingo was previously known as beano because back then, players would mark the numbers with beans.

Numerous bingo game suppliers developed various ways to mark the number over time. Bingo daubers were developed in the 1960s and 1970s, when the game of bingo became incredibly popular.

Marking the numbers without covering them was the key objective (as this allowed the card to be easily checked once Bingo was called). Additionally, bingo game producers developed their own logo or symbol to be printed on the sponge tip to promote their company, so it was a win-win.

Kinds of Bingo Daubers

There are various varieties of bingo daubers, just as there are various types of bingo games.

As we previously stated, these players make a fashion statement by using different kinds of daubers to play bingo. They can be plain, novel, reusable (refillable), or disposable. Additionally, the daubers' tips can have various forms and symbols. They may include the game organisers' emblem or images of the sun, moon, hearts, or superheroes - it’s not unheard of for super bingo fans to customise their daubers with colourful paper, stickers, and so on!

Are Bingo Daubers Permanent?

So, the million dollar question; are Bingo Daubers Permanent? The good news is that bingo daubers are completely washable. Bingo daubers have been made to be translucent in order to display the bingo numbers on your playing sheet rather than something more durable like a permanent marker.

The good news is that no matter what colour your bingo dauber is (green, blue, yellow, or even fluorescent pink), it won't hold up to a regular wash with the rest of your clothes.

Of course dauber ink can’t just wind up on your clothes, if dauber ink is ruining your perfectly manicured paws, you’re going to want to know how to get Bingo dauber ink off skin -  and fast. 

Since pigment ink is used to make bingo daubers, they are both very water soluble and non-poisonous.

This pigment ink is composed of a fine, solid powder. To make them easily flow into your bingo dauber, this powder contains colourant particles that have been suspended in a liquid carrier. So to get the ink off your hands, all you need to do is wash them! You could even keep some baby wipes in your bag to remove any ink stains right when they occur.

Bingo Daubers for Online Bingo

The popularity of online bingo sites has soared in recent years. Players enjoy playing bingo online since these platforms are accessible at all times and are open 24/7. In the virtual world, online casinos mimic the genuine bingo experience. They provide a virtual or digital dauber option with a variety of colour and shape options. Players receive a digital bingo card here, and they can mark the numbers with a fictitious dauber.

There is also the option of auto dab on some online bingo platforms. Here, players can predetermine the dauber's colour, size, and other characteristics. Additionally, the numbers will be marked on the digital bingo card automatically as they are called.

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