How to Play Bingo Responsibly

How to Play Bingo Responsibly
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Play Bingo in a Fun and Safe Way at Slingo!

While Bingo has long been considered a game for grannies, here at Slingo we say no more! At Slingo we have a fabulous and vibrant community of players of all ages, genders, and ethnicities all connected by one goal; to be the first to call out ‘Bingo!’ and scoop the prize! But, whilst Bingo is exciting and fun, it's important to know how to play safely and responsibly, which is why we’ve created this helpful guide of top tips, so you can also have a fun and fabulous time at

But first… What is Bingo?

Bingo actually started all the way back in 1530, yes, 1530, in Italy. It didn’t reach the UK until the 1800’s and has been beloved by players since. Bingo is a simple but exciting game where players need to match the numbers on their Bingo card with the numbers read out by the Bingo caller. Depending on the rules of the game, prizes are given for being the first player to match certain patterns, such as all four corners, but most commonly the first player to get a line, known as ‘Bingo’, or mark off all numbers on their card, called a full house. 

How To Play In the Moment Responsibly

You can gamble responsibly in various ways and keep yourself safe when playing online. Here’s our list of the top things you can do to play responsibly, but most importantly, have fun doing it!

Decide on a Time Limit

Set a time limit for how long you want to play Bingo online and stick to it. Set an alarm on your phone to stop yourself from getting sucked into the world of Slingo/Bingo so you don’t end up overspending, or spending your whole evening or free time glued to a screen. Remember, Bingo is a fun hobby, and shouldn’t take up every free hour of your day.

Decide on a Budget

Set a budget for the session before you begin playing Bingo UK games. If it's easier, write these numbers on a post-it note and tape it to your monitor so it's constantly visible. Make sure you're tough with yourself and stick to the boundaries you've established. You will be able to avoid overspending as a result of this. When setting your budget, make sure that the amount you set is reasonable and within your personal budget and ensure you are comfortable with risking the amount you've set. 

Step Away When you Need to

Bingo online should be a pleasurable pastime, not the sum total of your leisure time. Take regular breaks and take a break from the computer every now and again. This will not only help you keep a clear head and make sound judgments, but it will also help you avoid aches, pains, and headaches: it's a win-win!

Don’t Go Chasing Losses

While online Bingo games are exciting, and many of them make it seem as if your next big win is just around the corner, there is no assurance because Bingo games are purely determined by chance. Stop playing and take a break if you find yourself on a losing streak. Trying to chase your losses is a losing formula and will only result in frustration and greater losses. 

Don’t Play With Impaired Judgement

Never bet on Bingo online if you are inebriated or in a bad mood. These elements will influence your decision-making abilities and hinder you from playing smartly, resulting in overpaying and dangerous bets.

Use our Available Tools

At Slingo we have a detailed Responsible Gaming page which you can use to learn more about how to keep yourself safe when playing online, as well as how to gamble in a responsible way. Here at Slingo we always want our players to have not only fun but a safe time, so please, use our available tools as and when you need them.

Come and Play Online Bingo UK on Slingo

Now you know how to play safely all that’s left to do is dive in and play one of our many great Bingo games at! Come and be the latest member of our lovely community and have loads of fun. Sign up and play today.


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