The Biggest Bingo Prizes Ever Won

The Biggest Bingo Prizes Ever Won
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The most Jaw-dropping Bingo Jackpots Ever Won

While when playing online bingo the emphasis should always be about having fun over anything else, there’s no getting away from the fact that a big potential prize payout is a huge draw for players. In this article, we’ll be looking at the luckiest ever bingo players, who scored some serious wins. While it’s unlikely we’ll ever be so lucky - you really never know, and of course, you have to be in it to win it! So buckle up because we’re going to be talking about some seriously big wins and some super lucky winners!

Christine Bradfield – 1st Bingo Platinum Jackpot Win

Christine Bradfield and her sister-in-law Lorraine Williams were playing at their local Castle Bingo club in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, in January 2008. They'd been playing there for over 11 years, but this night was a little different because Christine won the jackpot.

The 53-year-old shop employee was playing the National Bingo Game when she struck it rich, becoming the world's first Platinum Jackpot winner. She won a whopping £1,101,686 pounds, which she opted to share with her sister-in-law Lorraine. Christine vowed to return to work at her local garage the next day, despite her riches. She stated that she couldn't be left at home because she'd spend the entire day shopping with her earnings, and as a mother of two and grandmother of three, she stated that she planned to spend a large portion of it on family vacations. - It just goes to show that sometimes perseverance can really pay off!

Soraya Lowell – Biggest Bingo Hall Win Ever

Soraya Lowell became one of the world's largest bingo wins also in  2008. While playing on the National Bingo Game at her local Club3000 bingo hall in Scotland, the 38-year-old Lanarkshire mother of four won a phenomenal £1.2 million. What appeared to be a typical evening out with friends turned into something that would affect her life forever. When her lucky numbers were called that night, the Platinum Jackpot was up for grabs, and she was instantaneously a millionaire.

To her utter amazement, she won a massive £1,167,795 award, and she immediately opted to split the money with her next-door neighbor. Soraya and her 68-year-old Lanarkshire neighbor, Agnes O'Neill, were together on the night Mrs. Lowell won the enormous sum. It was a no-brainer for her to split her winnings because she and Agnes had always followed the same set of rules. It’s truly great to see the power of friendship that is created by Bingo come into effect as sharing really is caring. 

John Orchard – £5.9 Million In Biggest Online Bingo Win Ever

John Orchard, a 60-year-old grandpa from Lincolnshire, won the largest ever online bingo jackpot in December 2012. It was a win that stunned the whole online gaming community, and it easily surpassed all previous records.

John was working at the time in a nearby job center, and he'd only been playing on the Butlers Bingo website for a few days when he had his unforgettable win. He put down just 30p on the popular Dark Knight video slot and walked away a multi-millionaire seconds later, we don’t have time to do the maths, but that’s some serious return on your investment!

John traded his Renault Clio for a luxurious Jaguar XF, despite vowing to keep his feet on the ground. The lucky couple had a great-grandchild who also lived in Canada, so they decided to utilize the money to go there right away. That year, they also wanted to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in style. - It just proves you don’t need to spend big in order to win big.

Anita Campbell – Two Wins Of Over £1.M In Two Weeks

In just two weeks, this lucky mother of four from Seaham, County Durham, won two huge online bingo jackpots. Anita Campbell became a millionaire in just ten days after winning two jackpots totaling over £500,000 at Mecca Bingo. Anita had been trying to make ends meet on Universal Credit for more than a year before her double triumph, according to a Metro report.

Anita won a whopping £597,000 prize just hours after establishing her Mecca Bingo account.

She then won a second £552,000 just 10 days later, as if that wasn't enough excitement for a week. Although this form of luck is uncommon, it demonstrates that it can come to anyone at any time. It’s great to see how the simple game of bingo can totally change the lives of lucky winners. 

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