The Importance of Bingo Calls

Bingo Calls Importance
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Bingo calls are one of the most-loved elements of the game, and learning some of them can help you to really make the most of your gaming experience. But what exactly are bingo calls, and why are they so important? Read on to find out!


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Bingo Calls Explained

Bingo calls are the phrases or rhymes that bingo callers use in traditional games. Each phrase is associated with a number, and the idea is that using different bingo calls helps players to distinguish between similar-sounding numbers (for example, 17 and 70).

Some of the most well-known bingo calls include ‘legs eleven’ (11) and ‘two fat ladies’ (88), but there are many more to learn.

Why Are Bingo Number Calls Important?

Although it’s not necessary to learn bingo calls to play online bingo, many players use them as a bit of fun and a way to add some humour to the game.

You can use them in the online chat rooms that are a part of each bingo game at Slingo, to impress your fellow players! In the chat rooms you can interact with each other and the dealer, and sometimes there are mini-games that give you an opportunity to win additional prizes.

If you’re feeling creative, you could even try inventing your own bingo calls!

Different Bingo Calls

Bingo games have up to 90 numbers, which means there are a lot of different bingo calls. Some refer to the shape of the numbers (for example, ‘legs eleven’), while others are based on simple rhymes (such as ‘garden gate = number 8’).

Since bingo first became popular in the UK shortly after WWII, there are also a number of military references that date from around that time. For example, ‘doctor’s orders = number 9’, which is said to have referred to a laxative offered to poorly soldiers to make them feel better!

As the game has evolved over the years, some more modern bingo calls have been invented - such as ‘Wills and Kate = number 8’, or ‘Amazon Prime = 49’.

For a list of our favourite funny bingo calls, read our blog post ‘Slingo’s List of Funny Bingo Calls’.

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