The Rise of Real Money Bingo

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Make sure you're comfortable since the history of bingo is a tale and a half. Bingo has a long history; it was first played in Italy around 1530 and then changed and evolved throughout Europe before being popularised as "beano" as a carnival game in the United States in the 1900s. Bingo gives the same great delight and excitement wherever it is played since participants from all over the world join together to enjoy the thrill of a dynamic game. So without further ado, let’s travel through time together with a history lesson from your friends at

The Origin of Bingo

Italy is where bingo originated and where its history began, although it does so through a national lottery called "Lo Giuoco Lotto Italia." Bingo was first created in 1530, way back when. Given that this happened immediately following the country's unification, we assume it makes the Italians trendsetters from the start—quite literally.

Although it may be difficult to comprehend, 90-ball bingo was very comparable to Saturday night Lotto in the 1530s. The winning numbers were drawn from a sack while players raced to match their cards' rows of numbers first, revealing the winners and losers.

Lotto first travelled over international borders in the late 1770s when it was known in France as "Le Lotto." The bingo cards were altered by the French to become the typical 90 Ball bingo card of today, which has 3 rows and 9 vertical columns. Lotto was introduced to Germany in the 1800s as a game for kids to learn anything from numbers to adjectives; of course, you have to be over the age of 18 to play Bingo games here at Slingo!

Around the same time as Germany adopted bingo, the UK followed suit. It quickly became one of the most played games in the nation and continues to be so today. Whilst the Brits didn’t change the game much, they did introduce the tradition currently known as Bingo Lingo.

Bingo Lingo is the name given to the renowned bingo calls. They have a rich history and primarily derive from slang and rhyme from Cockney. When you've heard bingo callers in a live hall, you've probably picked up some of the East End of London's Cockney rhyme and slang. Keep in mind numbers 86, "between the sticks," and 25, often known as "duck and dive."

The First Online Bingo Game

We only have to look as far as the internet to find contemporary bingo. In 1996, the free-play game "Bingo Zone" was the first to offer bingo online. Since then, bingo software has advanced significantly, resulting in an enormous number of games, mobile websites, and applications. Bingo lends itself well to being played online, and players now have a huge selection of games to choose from. Never before has it been as exciting, adaptable, or secure. Online, there is more freedom for creativity, which has resulted in the development of variants like pattern bingo, where pretty much anything is allowed. Our favourite game has come a long way with over 10,000 bingo games played online every day!

In regards to real money bingo games, the first example came in 1996, when Games Global introduced the first online bingo game. In addition, the first networked bingo game didn't debut until 1997, a year later. The latter, as you can guess, really elevated internet games to a new level by enabling numerous people to participate in the same game simultaneously. In 1997, the first bingo room at a casino went online. Bingo Zone was the moniker that was used. The website used a system of virtual rooms and gave users a choice between playing from their browser or through a platform they could download.

Online Bingo Today

The value of the online bingo market is currently estimated to be $90 million (£58 million) in the US and £80 million annually in the UK. Since 2008, participation rates in online bingo have increased from 50,000 to over three million, and the average customer now spends £120 each month.

The ease of access provided by the media is one of the factors contributing to the surge in interest in the realm of online bingo. The internet medium is a more attractive option for participants due to the increasing number of games (including special forms like fast bingo) and jackpot rewards. Modern gamers can now enjoy online bingo at home or on the go, which only adds to the appeal of the games. 

Play Real Money Bingo Games at

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