Top 2023 Bingo Games

Top 2023 Bingo Games
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2023 was a big year for UK bingo. More and more players are starting to join in on the bingo fun, playing games on all devices from the comfort of their own homes or on the go. Each year bingo just becomes more and more popular, so in 2024 we can see even more bingo lovers filling up the virtual rooms of these fan-favourite bingo games.


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The Best of Brilliant Bingo Fun!

The games mentioned below are some of our player's most beloved bingo games. They range from traditional bingo to exciting progressive jackpot bingo. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Boom Box Bingo

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to have a ball 80s-style with Boom Box, a popular 80-ball bingo game. Boom Box bingo games are faster since there are fewer balls in play than in conventional 90-ball bingo games. But not so fast that you can’t throw your favourite shapes!

There is only one prize up for grabs in this 4x4 grid game, and to win you’ll need to be the first to get a full house. Games of 80-ball bingo move quickly, but you won't have to rush to keep up with the caller. Any matched numbers on your card will be instantly daubed by the auto-dauber, meaning that playing with multiple cards is a breeze. Boom Box is completely mobile and desktop optimised, allowing you to play anywhere, at any time.

Boom Box Bingo Game


Super Heavyweight

With a supersized jackpot payout, Super Heavyweight is a fast-paced and engaging 90-ball online bingo game. Super Heavyweight is played on a 3x9 grid with the numbers 1-90, just like the traditional bingo games you know and love. There are three chances to win in each game. Prizes are awarded to the first player to complete one line, two lines, and the Full House.

Cards can be bought for just 25p each and Super Heavy Weight Bingo tends to offer larger payouts than other similar games (hence the ‘super’ part). Like all other games though, the Super Heavyweight bingo game can be played on all devices including smartphones.

Super Heavyweight Bingo Game



If Super Heavyweight Bingo sounds like a little too much for you, then why not try its little brother, Heavyweight Bingo? Heavyweight Bingo is another 90-ball bingo game with three prizes, a prize for one line, a prize for two lines, and the grand prize for the first player to make a Full House. Heavy Weight is played on a 3x9 grid using the numbers 1-90, just as in other 90-ball bingo games. The Heavy Weight room is available for pre-purchase every day until the games begin at 9 pm.

Heavyweight Bingo Game


Jackpot Room Bingo

If Super Heavyweight Bingo doesn’t pack the punch you’re looking for, then you’ll want to check out Jackpot Room Bingo, the jackpot bingo game where players can win a progressive prize pot. Jackpot Room is played on a 3x9 grid using the numbers 1-90, and awards prizes for one line, two lines, and a Full House, just as other 90 ball bingo games.

Lucky players can win the progressive jackpot prize if they are able to achieve a Full House in under 36 calls. It is not unheard of for this prize pot to roll over multiple times, consistently increasing in value until a lucky player comes along. Like all other bingo games on our site, Jackpot Room Bingo can be played on all devices.

Jackpot Room Bingo Game


Country Roads

While in the UK 90-ball bingo is king, in the USA they are all about 75-ball bingo. Country Roads is a 75-ball bingo game inspired by America's love for this bingo variant. If you're looking for a short on-the-go bingo game, this is the perfect option because fewer balls equals faster gameplay, but there’s still more than enough time to have tons of fun. 

Country Roads bingo awards players prizes for one line, two lines, a Full House, and also for a ‘pattern’. This pattern is a predetermined shape such as a letter, a diamond, a diagonal line, and so on. 

Country Roads Bingo Game


Drop Pots

Drop Pots is one of the most recent bingo rooms to open. Many players have reacted favourably to it because there are three progressive jackpot rewards up for grabs. The three different daily jackpot categories offered by the new in-game feature are the Mini, Midi, and Maxi Drop Pots. Drop Pots is played on a 3x9 ticket with numbers ranging from 1 to 90, just like other 90-ball bingo games. Prizes are awarded for one line, two lines, and a Full House.

Drop Pots Game


Play Bingo and Slingo Games at 

At we offer a huge range of top-tier bingo rooms such as those mentioned above. If you’re looking for more bingo-adjacent fun, why not also check out our selection of Slingo games; the perfect fusion between slots and bingo? Good luck, have fun, and always gamble responsibly.

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