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Despite its origins in halls separate from casinos, online bingo is now a staple of many online casino sites. As a genre that is known for its social elements and retro-gameplay, online bingo appeals to tons of new players each year. Online Bingo games now come in many different forms, giving players a variety of exciting experiences to choose from, from fast-paced action to the classic old-school bingo experience. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the top 3 most played online bingo games at so join us as we play with Don Quixote, try to score some epic footie goals, or play Bingo classic-style. 

Bingote QF

Neko Games has brought us a new video bingo game inspired by Don Quixote of La Mancha, called Bingote QF. In one of the most renowned stories in the world, Don Quixote de La Mancha, chooses to pick up his lance and sword to defend the helpless and slay the evil - by matching numbers on bingo cards, of course. Join him in his journey through La Racha and help him combat the terrifying creatures he encounters to win gold and jewel presents worth up to 1065 times your investment in the process! This is an incredibly well-designed bingo game, with great immersive graphics usually reserved for video slots. Ride out into the sunset with Bingote QF which includes not one but two innovative pick and win features called The Armour Bonus and the Windmills or Monsters Bonusl. 

Bingo Cup

Are you ready to help your team win? Are you Football crazy? If so, play the free Bingo Cup, which is powered by Zitro Interactive, and will have you donning your uniform and joining the first team for a football event to remember. You could be smashing the ball into the back of the net while playing up to 12 extra balls in a 60-ball online bingo game, or you could be travelling to football heartland Brazil for a fantastic bonus round.

The grass is green, and the linesman has meticulously delineated the pitch. On the field, up to four bingo cards with three rows and five columns each can be active. Once the stakes have been set, the ball generator is on the centerline, ready for the kickoff. The wagering range for each card is 1 to 20 credits, which is compounded by the number of active cards to give an overall range of 1 to 80 credits. So, are you ready to try to score some goals?

When wins are close, the number needed will flash in yellow as a warning, and the paytable pattern will flash to indicate the possible jackpot. On the bingo cards, any winning lines are highlighted in red. The red card is a signal to leave the field in football, but it also comes with a cost. If there is a good likelihood that the next few balls will yield a winning number, these are awarded as extras.

Powermania Bingo

Power Mania Bonus, often commonly referred to as Powermania or Powermania Bingo is a straightforward and really entertaining version of online bingo. Just like Bingo Cup, this is a  ZitroGames title. This game doesn't require a large production to provide what every player wants in an online bingo game: adrenaline, fun, and prizes. Because of this straightforward approach, Powermania Bingo can be a great place to start if you’re new to the online Bingo genre. There are lots of chances to have fun and try your luck in the Power Mania Bonus bingo game.

You can play Power Mania Bonus with up to four cards, each with 15 numbers on them. 30 numbered balls will be drawn out (out of a total of 90) plus an extra ten! That's a substantial number of chances to win!

The benefits of the Power Mania Bonus do not end there. You can even win the Z-ball, which comes after you use the extra balls, in this online bingo game for an extra chance to win prizes. Also, it’s worth noting that Power Mania was originally designed to be enjoyed on mobile devices, making it a great choice for gaming on the go, but this title also works really well on laptops and desktops too; so the choice is yours. 

Play Online Bingo Games at

While the three games listed above are the most popular Bingo games on our site, they are just a small selection of the great games on offer at Here at Slingo, we have a broad range of different bingo rooms that range from 30-ball all the way up to 90-ball bingo, with expert callers, and a bustling community of friendly players. Even if you try online bingo and decide it isn’t for you at Slingo you can also find a great range of Slingo games, slot games, casino games and so much more. Sign up and play today to discover everything that has to offer; and most importantly, have lots of fun!

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