What is the Future of Bingo?

Future of Bingo
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In today’s article, you’ll discover that we don’t need a crystal ball to discern the future of the classic bingo game. Let us first explore the annals of history, and summarise Bingo's past. Bingo was created in Italy in the 16th century, and gradually spread across the globe, being adopted in Germany in the 1880s, the USA in the 20s and the UK in the 60s. Bingo fun was largely reserved for bingo halls until the advent of online casino games in the early 2000s. This opened up bingo to new generations of players and caused the game to surge in popularity.

However, since then, aside from tinkering with the number of balls used, there have been few innovations in the Bingo world. That is until recently. VR, or ‘virtual reality’ has been soaring in popularity as its technology has improved causing it to shift from novelty to game-enhancing tool. VR is able to immerse players like never before and there are always some VR casinos out there. Therefore it seems that the future of bingo will be VR Bingo. Keep on reading as we discuss what this development in bingo technology might look like.


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What is Virtual Reality?

Playing games in a 3D virtual environment is made possible by virtual reality gaming. With never-before-seen technologies, this latest generation of gaming technology is pushing gaming consoles to new heights. Currently, in order to use a VR system and experience first-person gameplay, you must link the headset and controllers to a computer or television screen. Because you won't be able to see where you are in your house after you have the headset on, it is advised that you play with lots of space around you. VR experiences come in different formats. Let’s look at these more closely.

Non-Immersive VR

Through a computer screen, you can experience this virtual 3D environment. You may be able to interact with the environment by using a device such as a joystick or keyboard. But because the surroundings don't engage with you, they are referred to as "non-immersive."

A video game is a good illustration of such a system. The majority of VR video games available today allow you to manipulate the game's actions using an input mechanism. What transpires in the game, though, has no bearing on you.

Semi-Immersive VR

Although the experience is not as realistic as with a fully immersive system, this kind of technology is more sophisticated than its non-immersive equivalent. Goggles or some kind of helmet are required in order to enter a semi-immersive world. Semi-immersive technologies are frequently employed in the classroom, such as in flying instruction.

Fully-Immersive VR

This virtual reality system immerses the user in a completely immersive three-dimensional experience while offering the best quality virtual reality available. Smell has been attempted to be included, along with touch, hearing, and vision.

Similar to a semi-immersion VR system, users must put on protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, or helmets, in order to fully interact with their environment. Incorporating stationary bicycles and treadmills into the setup could create the illusion that users are moving through a three-dimensional space.

What is the VR Bingo Experience Like?

Like many other VR experiences, VR Bingo is still very much in its infancy and therefore the games available are played for fun and without real money wager. Currently, there is one standout VR Bingo game which highlights the potential of Bingo gameplay in a VR form.

In BingoVR by Babaroga LLC Earth has been invaded by aliens, and our only chance of defending ourselves is with a stealth superweapon created at Area 51. What kind of weapon is that? Bingo, of course! Earthlings grow closer to their objective of eliminating aliens with each Bingo. Every card completed brings players closer to salvation. Navigate to the council of aliens and save the day. This may seem like quite a bizarre choice for a Bingo game, but with such a zany concept it truly shows that with Virtual Reality, the type of Bingo gameplay we are set to experience in the future has limitless potential for both creativity and immersive gameplay.

Play Bingo Games at Slingo.com 

While we don’t currently offer VR Bingo on our online casino site, who knows what the future will hold here at Slingo.com? In the meantime, we’re dedicated to keeping our players entertained with a broad selection of online bingo variants ranging from 30-ball to 90-ball experiences. Sign up and play today to discover your new favourite online bingo game.

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