Woke Bingo: Modern Take To Traditional Bingo Calls

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It looks like the face of bingo is starting to change. Traditional bingo calls that have been around for decades are being substituted for more modern bingo calls designed to appeal to a wider variety of players. This is woke bingo, and in today’s article, we’ll be taking a closer look at what it is and how it works. 

Woke Bingo: All you Need to Know

People who have "woken up" to the need for change and realised that what they were doing in the past was not actually acceptable are referred to as being "woke."

What does this have to do with bingo? Calls are to blame. Some people now find the conventional bingo calls, which have remained the same for decades, to be offensive. Calls that are more healthful and subdued will take the place of cries like "two fat ladies, eighty-eight." For instance, the number 8 becomes "Wills and Kate."

This is woke bingo at its purest. It transforms all the amusing sayings that might offend someone into something that sounds more contemporary and less divisive.

How Did Woke Bingo Happen?

The popularity of online bingo games has significantly altered the online casino market, but many people believe that more adjustments are required to make bingo more accessible and appealing to contemporary gamers.

This calls for adjustments, and in bingo games, this relates to the customary callouts used during the game. For instance, "88" in bingo has been replaced with "Wills and Kate." Of course, this shift has drawn a lot of criticism, and we'll leave it to you to decide whether you like having more positive callouts than the conventional ones.

Do We Need Woke Bingo?

It's safe to suggest that many people would find some of the shoutouts used in traditional bingo games to be disrespectful. As a nation, we've realised that practices like body shaming are neither fair nor compassionate, therefore calls for change are appropriate now.

But it doesn't mean it was all negative. A little amount of tongue-in-cheek humour never damaged anyone too much, but it is a good idea to be careful about these things with anything that is public. If anything, woke bingo is fantastic since it encourages more people to participate in bingo games rather than risk feeling embarrassed. More bingo players are always good in our book.

New Bingo Calls

This section briefly introduces the new bingo calls. You may provide short descriptions for each call if possible:

7 = Flexitarian: Refers to those who flexibility shift between eating meat and vegetarianism

9 = Get an Uber from mine: Refers to the popularity of using Ubers over traditional taxis

14 = Netflix and chill: A tongue-in-cheek reference to modern ‘dating’.
17 = Selfie Queen: A reference to people who spend all their time taking selfies.

25 = Quarter-life crisis: A reference to the anxiety that Millenials feel when turning 25

35 = It’s a vibe: Refers to something being ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’

38 = Avocado on a plate: Refers to the millennial's love of Avocado

39 = Love Island time: Refers to the popular dating show, Love Island.

48 = Not another Brexit debate: Refers to modern politics

49 = Amazon Prime: Refers to Amazon’s speedy delivery service.

54 = Lads on tour: Refers to a boy's holiday

68 = Tinder date: Refers to the popular dating app, Tinder

74 = Recycle more: Refer to the drive for green living

78 = Haters gon’ hate: A common saying used to shake off negative statements

86 = Instagram pics: References the rise of social media photography site, Instagram

88 = Wills and Kate: Refers to Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton

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Love it, or hate it, it looks like woke bingo is here to stay. While it's hard sometimes to see our old favourites updated if it keeps the hobby of bingo alive and rejuvenated with new faces; we’re all about it - just don’t change clickety-click, 66, please! So, to play bingo for yourself, sign up and play today at Slingo.com to discover more.

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