Common Gambling Mistakes at Online Casinos

Common Gambling Mistakes at Online Casinos
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Play like a Pro from the Start and Avoid These Common Gambling Mistakes

If you’re not a regular internet user or are new to playing casino games, joining the world of online casinos can feel a little daunting. No one wants to make mistakes when their real money is on the line, and in the case of more social games such as online Bingo, you don’t want to stand out lie a sore thumb by making silly errors. But don’t worry, everything will be fine as here at Slingo we’ve got you covered. Just follow our easy guide and you’ll dodge the most common gambling mistakes made by players of online casinos. 

Using fake credentials.

You're fresh to the world of online gaming and all you want is to remain completely anonymous. Understandable. Naturally, you decide to create a false identity and register at an online casino. This isn't true at all. As a result, you've created an issue for yourself. Before paying out your winnings, every respectable online casino must verify your personal information. 

You can kiss your money goodbye if you claim to be Donald Duck and live at 15 Quack Road in Hong Kong (and if that is your name and address we sincerely apologise!) Otherwise, you should register using your true name and personal information, knowing that any genuine casino will keep your personal information safe from third parties at all times. All legitimate online casinos use advanced firewalls and SSL encryption technology to keep your personal data safe at all times. 

Not checking the casino where you will play first.

Always choose legitimate casinos when it comes to gambling. Yes, that may seem obvious now, but as a novice, you may have made the error of choosing an unregulated casino, putting your safety and, by extension, your finances in danger.

So, how do you know if a casino is legitimate? For starters, always double-check the casino's gambling license, if the casino doesn’t have an active and up-to-date license then steer clear. Always read the terms and conditions closely and look for signs of third-party testing as well as the promotion of responsible gambling.

Failing to check the accepted payment methods.

Another common blunder, which can be ascribed to players' excitement when they first join up – who can remember to check something as mundane as payment methods when the casino's design is so stunning and the selection of online slots is so broad and vast? You should, in fact.

It's actually extremely logical. You'll need to play at a Skrill casino if you want to make Skrill deposits. The same goes for PayPal casinos, Neteller casinos, and so on. Always choose casinos that accept your preferred mode of payment to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. Ideally, unless you know you only ever use one method of payment, you should opt for a casino that offers a variety of payment methods, so you always have options. The same can be said for withdrawal methods, as some less reputable casinos will have a broad range of deposit options but limited and lengthy withdrawal options that lead to nothing but headaches and frustration when you just want to claim your hard-earned winnings. 

Disregarding terms and conditions.

Even if you're a seasoned gambler, reading the terms and conditions can be tedious, but trust us when we say that you don't want to make the mistake of skipping them. Ever. If you don't read the T&Cs, you're going to be disappointed if you have issues with your withdrawals, gameplay, or bonuses and it turns out that everything was clearly stated in the Terms. Basically, say goodbye to your gripe and any standing you’d have if you wanted to make a complaint. 

To summarise, always take the time to read the Terms and Conditions, especially the fine print, to avoid any future problems that may develop as a result of your ignorance; it’s another way that you can gamble responsibly. It’s also worth noting that no casino worth their salt will try to deceive their players with abstract T’s and C’s, or hidden or confusing details. 

Forgetting to check welcome how bonuses work.

There are plenty of other gambling blunders we could discuss today, but we can't leave this one out because it's one of the most prevalent errors made by (new) gamers. Claiming ‘free’ cash, attractive welcome bonuses, and casino Free Spins may sound appealing, but you should always be aware of what you're getting and how you'll obtain it.

To put it another way, you should always examine the % bonus match, the wagering requirements, play-through requirements, and whether there are any slot limits to understand how casino bonuses work. While you can find all of this information in the terms and conditions, if at any time you’re confused, don’t rush ahead and instead check the FAQ section of the site, or use your search engine to clarify any terms that you don’t recognize. 

Play at

So now you’ve got the knowledge of an online casino pro, it’s time to have some fun and get down to playing some fantastic online casino games. If you’re looking for a legit and safe place to have your first fantastic gaming experiences then come and play with us at Slingo. We have a diverse portfolio of epic games, offer tons of deposit and withdrawal options, and offer great promotions too; all with clear terms and conditions. Sign up and play today.

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