24/7 Cities: The Cities That Don’t Sleep

24/7 Cities: The Cities That Don’t Sleep
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Whether you’re visiting or living in a city, it’s good to know what services are available to you when exploring at night. Places to go, things to do, and means of getting around are things that will determine how good any night is, and some cities are better for this 24/7 service than others.

By investigating the number of nightlife activities and attractions, the number of late-night casinos and nighttime coffee bars, along with the level of transportation across 40 of the world's biggest cities, this report has identified which of these beloved cities has the most accessible nightlife, the cities which don’t sleep.


The top 5 cities that never sleep

1. London, United Kingdom

Nightlife Attractions - 1,352

Casinos - 47

Night-Time Coffee Bars - 5

Night Time Public Transport - Yes

24/7 score out of 10 - 8.53

London ranks top on this list of 24/7 cities with a combined score of 8.53/10. London offers everything and lots of it. With a whopping 1,352 nightlife attractions, second only to Tokyo, Japan, which offers 1,358, there is no shortage of opportunities for nighttime fun. Gamblers will also benefit from a large number of casinos in London, a total of 47. London’sTube system offers service on certain routes on Friday and Saturday nights, while the bus service in London runs 24/7.


2. New York, United States

Nightlife Attractions - 779

Casinos - 25

Night-Time Coffee Bars - 5

Night Time Public Transport - Yes

24/7 score out of 10 - 8.40

Appropriately nicknamed The City That Never Sleeps, our runner-up on this list is New York with a combined nightlife score from our four factors of 8.40. New York’s nighttime transportation is second to none. The subway runs all hours of the day and night, as do New York’s trains, buses, and ferries. With 779 nightlife attractions, 25 well known and loved casinos, and 5 late night coffee bars, there is something for everyone in New York’s nightlife.


3. Chicago, United States

Nightlife Attractions - 463

Casinos - 23

Night-Time Coffee Bars - 4

Night Time Public Transport - Yes

24/7 score out of 10 - 7.7

Chicago, United States, earns a nightlife score of 7.7/10. There are 463 nighttime attractions on offer, including comedy clubs which host Chicago’s famous improvisational comedy. Chicago is a great city for taking risks too, as Chicago has 23 licenced casinos active throughout the city. Chicago’s “L” Red and Blue Lines run 24/7, and there is also a comprehensive Night Owl bus network. Chicago also has some of the highest-rated restaurants in the world.


4. Paris, France

Nightlife Attractions - 588

Casinos - 8

Night-Time Coffee Bars - 6

Night Time Public Transport - Yes

24/7 score out of 10 - 7.69

Paris, known for its romance and culture, scores a high 7.69/10 for its access to nightlife. With fewer casinos than others in our top five, Paris offers almost 600 nighttime attractions and 6 late night coffee bars. The world-famous Eiffel Tower remains open until 11:45 pm, and there are plenty of opportunities for late-night wine tasting at Paris’ wine bars. Paris’ bus services work on 48 routes and are in service 24/7.


5. Las Vegas, United States

Nightlife Attractions - 402

Casinos - 64

Night-Time Coffee Bars - 2

Night Time Public Transport - Yes

24/7 score out of 10 - 7.5

Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas, known for its casinos and world-class entertainment, has one of the highest numbers of casinos on offer. A comprehensive 64 casinos are up and running in Las Vegas, many of which are world-famous. Las Vegas will undoubtedly be an experience to remember, and stories of nighttime fun in Sin City are legendary. Las Vegas offers a mass transportation system, RTC Transit, which runs all day and all night.


The best cities for nightlife


The number of casinos is taken as the number of recognised casinos using Google Maps, Wikipedia, and WorldCasinoDirectory. Slot machines and arcades were not included. The number of nightlife attractions and nighttime coffee bars were taken from Tripadvisor (only recognised coffee bars on Tripadvisor were included). Accessible nighttime transportation was taken from Wikipedia.

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