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Adanola vs lululemon: Which Activewear Brand is Right for You?

Adanola vs lululemon
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Activewear is big business, with many brands offering high-quality pieces that promote freedom of movement and comfort. Two of the biggest names in this space are lululemon and Adanola.

Both companies have built reputations by creating innovative workout gear, such as squat-proof gym leggings and sports bras.

With so much choice, it can be difficult to work out which brand is best, but we've got you covered. In this instalment of our Lifestyle guides, we're looking at Adanola vs lululemon to see which comes out on top in key categories like cost, quality, design, and performance.

So, whether you're a gym girly, yogi or you love chilling in your comfies, this is the place to be. Before we start with our comparison, let's look at the history of these two brands.

A Brief History of lululemon and Adanola

lululemon history

Originating in Canada in 1998, lululemon has been a trailblazer in yoga-centric apparel. With a mission to empower women, lululemon is renowned for its innovative designs, commitment to quality, and fashionable clothing.

Over the years, lululemon has developed a cult-like customer following, becoming a staple name in the yoga and fitness communities worldwide.

Adanola history

Launched in the UK, Adanola is a relatively new player in the activewear market but has rapidly gained popularity with its minimalist yet stylish approach. Adanola prides itself on creating versatile, high-quality pieces that transition seamlessly from the gym to everyday wear.

Despite only being around since 2015, the Manchester brand has carved out a niche for itself, appealing to those who appreciate simplicity, sustainability, and its classically chic design.

Now that we're up to speed on how they got where they are, let's explore which brand's workout leggings you should wear to the gym, for coffee, or for a lazy day on the sofa. This is Slingo's lululemon vs Adanola comparison.

lululemon vs Adanola: Which Brand is Best?



Originally designed for yoga enthusiasts, lululemon's range has grown over the years, and the Canadian brand now offers everything from tennis skirts to resistance bands and trainers. lululemon's top sellers include oversized their fan-favourite Fast and Free leggings, half-zip hoodies, puffa jackets, and versatile jackets that suit both athletic and casual needs.

With such a comprehensive range of products, from classic leggings and yoga mats to bags and socks, it's no surprise that so many people see lululemon as a one-stop shop for activewear and accessories.

It's not just lululemon's product offering that has expanded, but its audience, too. Despite starting out as a womenswear brand, lululemon makes men's clothes too, including long-sleeve shirts for smart-casual occasions.

Lululemon's 'buttery soft' Align leggings are available in UK sizes 4 to 24 and leg lengths between 23 and 31 inches.

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By contrast, Adanola's range is focused on offering clean, minimalist designs that can be worn both in and out of the gym. Their product range includes sleek leggings and sports bras for the gym and comfortable sweatshirts and joggers for lounging. Adanola's collection is perfect for those who appreciate a seamless blend of style and functionality.

While it's known for making top-tier gymwear, the Manchester brand's most famous pieces fit the athleisure aesthetic. Think Princess Diana in her oversized sweater and leggings.

Adanola also produces a line of swimwear, like bikinis and swimming costumes; however, its products are solely aimed at women, while lululemon also caters to men's sizes and fits.

In terms of sizing, Adanola leggings are available in sizes XXS to XXXL, and they cater to regular and taller leg sizes, to ensure their products are inclusive and accessible to more people. 

lululemon score: 9/10

Adanola score: 8/10



lululemon is celebrated for its dedication to high-quality fabrics, often incorporating innovative textiles and technology. Their products feature sweat-wicking properties and are frequently made from recycled materials. Initially designed with professional athletes in mind, lululemon's quality remains top-tier as it has expanded to a broader audience.

It was once claimed that lululemon uses '13 to 15 tests' to ensure the quality of its products, highlighting the brand's commitment to quality.

lululemon's designs are often praised for their aesthetic appeal, combining functionality with a touch of elegance. The Canadian brand offers a variety of styles suitable for both workouts and daily wear, with features like bum-sculpting seams and ultra-stretch materials that make them a favourite for fitness classes and yoga.


Adanola is known for its high standards in fabric selection and design. Their pieces are crafted to be both comfortable and durable, focusing on materials that offer stretch and support. While relatively new, Adanola has quickly gained a reputation for delivering on quality without compromising on style.

Products like Adanola Ultimate Leggings, a high-waisted design designed to hug the body without feeling restrictive, have helped the brand rise to prominence thanks to their durability and high quality.

Elsewhere, Adanola's design ethos focuses on simplicity and versatility. Their pieces are crafted to transition smoothly from the gym to everyday life. The sleek, minimalist aesthetic is perfect for those who want their workout gear to double as stylish casual wear.

lululemon score: 10/10

Adanola score: 8/10



At the higher end of the price spectrum, those investing in lululemon can expect to pay between £50 and £148 for leggings. The pricing reflects the brand's commitment to quality and innovation, with many customers finding the investment worthwhile.


By comparison, the UK brand offers a more affordable range without skimping on quality. Adanola leggings are typically priced between £35 and £50, making it an excellent option for those looking for stylish, high-performance activewear that doesn't break the bank.

lululemon score: 7/10

Adanola score: 9/10



lululemon has made significant strides in sustainability. It is committed to using eco-friendly materials and promoting recycling. Its "Like New" initiative encourages customers to trade lightly used garments for store credit, reducing waste and encouraging a circular economy.


Adanola strongly emphasises sustainability, utilising recycled materials and eco-friendly practices in its production process. The brand's dedication to minimising its environmental impact is evident in its thoughtful approach to both design and manufacturing, using 100% recyclable packaging and offsetting the emissions produced as part of the operations processes.

lululemon score: 9/10

Adanola score: 9/10

Customer experience


lululemon's customer experience is renowned for its personalised and inclusive approach. The brand fosters community through collaborations and an engaging retail environment. Customers frequently praise the breathability and sweat-wicking properties of lululemon's fabrics.

lululemon's customer experience isn't restricted to its stores. The brand also organises community events like running clubs and jiu-jitsu sessions, to name a few.


Adanola offers a seamless shopping experience with a focus on customer satisfaction. The brand's user-friendly website and commitment to high-quality customer service ensure a positive experience for shoppers. Adanola's minimalistic and chic designs have garnered a loyal following.

Not to be outdone by lululemon, Adanola also runs community sessions throughout the year. Previous events have included sessions, running clubs in Manchester, hikes in Los Angeles, and yoga in New York.

lululemon score: 9/10

Adanola score: 8/10

lululemon vs Adanola: Final Scores

From the yoga studios of Canada to the streets of the UK, lululemon and Adanola have become synonymous with quality, style, and functionality. When comparing lululemon and Adanola gear, both brands offer a unique range of activewear to make you feel confident at the gym, running errands, or lounging at home.

lululemon score: 44/50

Adanola score: 42/50

While lululemon takes the trophy with a slight edge, both brands present excellent options for your activewear wardrobe. Whether you opt for lululemon's renowned quality and innovation or Adanola's chic and affordable designs, you'll be making a stylish and smart investment.

So next time you're shopping, consider your personal preferences. Whether you desire high-performance gear for intense workouts or versatile pieces that double as everyday wear, lululemon and Adanola have got you covered.

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