Top 10 Luxury Bed Linen Brands In The UK

Best Luxury Linen Brands
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Nothing is worse than cheap, scratchy bedding that makes you sweat… but fear not, you can prevent having an uncomfortable night by investing in some high-quality bed linen. Browse this list of the best luxury bedding brands to find the perfect bed set to match your home. When you win the jackpot at Slingo, your budget should cover all the luxury linen you desire!

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What Materials Are Used for Luxury Bed Linen?

The first key aspect you need to consider is the materials used for luxury linens. Not all materials are good for summer, and some aren't suitable for winter, so it’s important to get the right kind of material.


This ancient and reliable material is made from natural fibres. It is grown worldwide, from the United States to Peru, India, and Egypt. The substance we use is collected from around the seeds and is a form of cellulose. Once harvested, it is spun into thread to be used in the textile industry.

Not only is cotton extremely durable, but it also absorbs water, making it breathable and an excellent choice for bedding. It is also hypoallergenic, unlikely to cause any allergic reaction, resulting in fantastic sleep.

There are varying lengths of cotton, long-stable fibres, and short-staple fibres. The long staple fibres are softer and smoother because they can be brushed. Short-staple fibres are rougher to the touch but more absorbent and often used on the outside of a product.

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Made from the fibres of Europe's flax plant, linen is often used for finer textiles and costs significantly more than cotton. It is a popular material for a duvet cover.

Linen has moisture-wicking qualities, excellent ventilation, and anti-bacterial and filtering properties. It is a flexible and shiny material and is more robust than cotton. However, it is less elastic, so it can be tricky to work with. All these properties make it ideal for bedding.

Linen is an excellent choice for babies, children, and those with skin allergies, as it has anti-allergenic properties. The design of the fabric on a microscopic level gives a comforting sensation and will result in a beautiful night's sleep. It will also keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, making it appropriate for any time of year.


If you wanted to head for extreme luxury, then silk bedsheets are the ultimate choice. Not only are they one of the most expensive fibres you can choose for bedding, but they are super soft, durable, elastic, shiny, and a dream to sleep on.

Silk is costly because the fibres are harvested from the cocoons of silkworms, and the threads can be up to 1.5km in length when harvested.

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What Are the Most Common Fabrics Used for Luxury Bedding?


If you choose a percale duvet cover, you'll find that it has a thread count of at least 180 threads per square inch. Percale bedding is usually woven in a traditional crisis cross pattern which creates a smooth and soft material. It is an ideal fabric for summer bedding sets due to its breathability.


Poplin has a pleasing ribbing effect on its plain woven surface. This strong fabric has a crisp feel and is warmer than percale, thanks to the increased thread count. It is also smoother but not as heavy as sateen.

It is an excellent choice for summer bedding, from the fitted sheet to your duvet cover. Poplin bed sheets look stunning and have that luxury hotel feel, so they will significantly upgrade any room.


Twill has a diagonal, textured weave. You can create a beautiful drape with twill, and they are a sturdy fabric, meaning they are resistant to spills and stains. Cotton twill is widely used, from denim to luxury linens, a testament to its durability, strength, and resistance to soiling.

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This fabric was first created in Quanzhou, China, and travelled the Silk Road through the Middle East and into Europe in the middle ages. It has a beautifully soft feel and is often mistaken for silk. It has a high thread count, making it heavier and significantly warmer than percale. 


This unique fabric has beautiful and intricate designs woven directly into the fabric. Jacquard differs from other textiles that have patterns added later via embroidery, printing, or dye. Joseph Marie Jacquard made this possible through the invention of the Jacquard machine in the 18th century. 

The jacquard-style fabric was only accessible to the wealthy due to its intricate and time-consuming design.

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Can You Order Bespoke Hotel-Quality Bedding?

You can order unique, customized bedding to suit your needs. Not all luxury linen companies offer this service, though. But for the companies that do, this is an excellent option if you have a specific look you wish to achieve or have custom bedding that needs new covers. 

Top 10 Luxury Bed Linen Brands UK

1. The White Company

The White Company is an excellent brand if you're looking for premium quality and luxurious white linens. From hemp fibre to French linen bedding, they have it all! This brand has a wide selection with a range of prices, which makes their luxurious linen more affordable.

2. Bedfolk

Bedfolk is the company to go to if you're looking for 100% natural fibre luxury bedding. Their bedding is available in ultra-soft pure linen and three different cotton types, and their linen sheets and duvet covers are available in many different colours. 

One of the great perks about Bedfolk's bedding is that they don't require ironing, saving you and your house manager a lot of time.

You can purchase bedding sets that include a double duvet cover, two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet. Alternatively, you can buy the items individually.

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3. Dusk

Dusk is a British bedding company highly regarded by the interior industry. They offer affordably priced luxurious bedding. 

Whether you are looking for a duvet cover, a fitted sheet, or a flat sheet, you'll find the perfect match at Dusk. They have an Egyptian cotton sateen bedding collection, textured cotton and various linen options. Customers can also choose from a range of stunning gold-edged pieces.

4. Anthropologie

Browsing Amber Lewis's Anthropologie range is a must for stylish, colourful bedding with a bohemian flair. From floral duvet covers with crochet edging to natural fibre throws, this is the ultimate stop to add some boho chic to your home. 

Anthropologie is also a great spot to find high-quality, fun bedding for your teen's bedroom. 

5. La Redoute

La Redoute has the most romantic homeware collections. Their bedding is affordable, high-quality, and will add sunshine to any room. This French brand is lesser known, but worth the hype it receives. 

Brighten your home in the dreary winter with some comfortable bedding with floral prints, reminding you that spring is on its way. The linen bedding is free from nasties, so it won't negatively impact your skin, whether it is sensitive or not.

You can choose a duvet cover in one design and pair it with sheeting and pillowcases in one or 2 of their plain shades. There are 24 different colours to choose from. 

A quick note: La Redoute is mainly based in France, so your order could take up to 10 days to arrive.

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6. Frette

If you want a brand with a proven luxury experience, Frette will be right up your alley. Not only did they supply linen to The Orient Express, but they also fitted out the Titanic. This Italian label is pricey, but with good reason. The quality is phenomenal, and the brand is still associated with luxury and excellent quality. 

From linen to pure cotton percale and poplin, as well as wonderfully soft silk, you'll be able to find your favourite fabric at Frette. This beautifully crafted bedding guarantees you a comfortable and peaceful night. 

7. Yves Delorme

For a country home, Yves Delorme is the designer of choice. With beautiful floral pieces, you'll be able to find the perfect duvet cover set with deep rich tones. You can also peruse his other collection, which includes cotton sateen duvet covers and crisp white bedding in cotton percale. 

8. Piglet in Bed

Piglet in Bed is well known for its wide range of high-quality basics, from curtains to pyjamas and bedding. 

Their stunning linen, cotton, merino wool, and gingham print bedding comes in various rich, beautiful tones. There is the option to create mix-and-match bundles. For example, you could choose linen sheeting, a merino duvet inner, a cotton duvet cover, or a woollen gingham blanket. 

The high thread count bedding is easy to wash and extremely comfortable. The crisp linen will make you feel like you're sleeping in a luxurious hotel bed. This relatively new brand was founded in a garden shed in Essex in 2017, and has since grown in leaps and bounds. If you'd like to support local businesses, Piglet in Bed is perfect.

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9. D Porthault

If you're looking for the gold standard of luxury linens, then D Porthault is it. Open for more than a century; this distinctive brand creates some of the best bedding in the world. 

This French brand can create custom bedding - you can order customer sheets or even a duvet cover with your motif of choice embroidered. Interior designers are fans of this brand due to its chic designs and excellent quality. The bedding is always made from high-end linen. 

D Porthault is the perfect company for luxurious linens with a feminine touch. 

10. Soak & Sleep

From bed linen sets to mulberry silk and even your beloved standard Egyptian cotton, Soak & Sleep has it all. They predominantly stock white and neutral hues, but some duvet covers and sheets are available in blues and pinks. 

This is a great brand to look at if you need to kit out your home, as you can find bedding suitable for different needs and those with allergies. It is also a fantastic spot to find a phenomenally luxurious silk duvet cover, sheeting, or pillowcases. While these are pricey, they have many benefits, such as protecting your hair and regulating your temperature. 

Honourable mentions

If you need help finding your dream bedding from any of the companies mentioned above, browse through the phenomenal brands below. 

You're sure to find your match, from crisp white sheets to luxuriously soft silk bedding.

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What linen do 5-star hotels use?

5-star hotels will most often use high thread count Egyptian cotton in a percale weave. This weave gives a crisp and cool feeling and will last longer due to the tightness of the weave. Some super luxurious hotels offer linen or silk bedding, especially in their large suites. 

What is the best linen for beds?

Egyptian cotton is internationally renowned for being the most reliable and coveted material for a good night's sleep. The high thread count will keep you warm on cold winter nights and cool on warm summer nights.

When purchasing, make sure that it is 100 per cent Egyptian cotton. Consider adding extra luxury in winter with an Egyptian cotton flannel bedding set.

What is the most luxurious bed sheet material?

Mulberry silk is widely considered the most luxurious material for bed sheets. It regulates your temperature, is gentle on the skin, protects your hair, and helps your skin absorb your night-time products. 

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