Highest Earning TV Presenters

Highest Earning TV Presenters
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The UK TV personalities with the highest income and social followings

The UK’s love for television is no secret, and the best TV presenters connect with audiences while hosting morning programmes, late-night talk shows and even documentaries. In some cases, our favourite TV personalities earn more than actors, with net worths of hundreds of millions of pounds! Some television hosts are more loved than others, with large followings on social media, and the ability to earn thousands of pounds from sponsored Instagram posts and reels.

Slingo wanted to discover which British TV presenters earn the most, by looking at how much the top television presenters and personalities can make on Instagram and their estimated net worths. We also wanted to find out which television hosts have the most followers on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter and which personalities have won the most awards.

The TV Presenters with the Highest Potential Income


  1. Gordon Ramsay: Estimated Net Worth: £162,910,000 | Instagram Post Earnings: £115,006 | Instagram Reel Earnings: £148,918

One of the most well-known chefs in the world, and star of popular TV shows The F Word and Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay is the highest-earning TV presenter in the UK. Ramsay has a staggering estimated net worth of £162.91 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Thanks to Ramsay’s large social media presence and millions of Instagram followers, the chef could also earn up to £115,006 for a sponsored Instagram post and up to £148,918 for uploading a sponsored Instagram reel.

  1. Jeremy Clarkson: Estimated Net Worth: £44,430,000 | Instagram Post Earnings: £39,294 | Instagram Reel Earnings: £51,089

Presenter of Top Gear, Robot Wars and The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson is one of the UK’s most popular and highest-earning TV personalities.

Clarkson’s net worth is estimated at £22.42 million and he could earn up to £51,089 for posting a sponsored reel on Instagram.

  1. David Attenborough: Estimated Net Worth: £25,917,500 | Instagram Post Earnings: £53,227 | Instagram Reel Earnings: £69,225

Best known for presenting the Life documentary collection on the BBC, David Attenborough is loved worldwide for his work in conservation and broadcasting.

Attenborough has an estimated net worth of £25,917,500, according to Celebrity Net Worth, making him one of the highest-earning TV presenters. Attenborough is estimated to make up to £69,223 per sponsored Instagram reel and up to £53,227 per sponsored Instagram post.


The TV Presenters with the Most Social Media Followers


  1. Gordon Ramsay: 13,400,000 Instagram Followers | 31,000,000 Tiktok Followers | 7,500,000 Twitter Followers

Gordon Ramsay is in first place as the UK television personality with the biggest following on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

Popular online for his shows Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell, Ramsay has amassed a staggering 13.4 million Instagram followers, 31 million TikTok followers and 7.5 million Twitter followers, totalling more than any other UK TV presenter.

  1. Ant and Dec: 4,400,000 Instagram Followers | 3,700,000 Tiktok Followers | 6,700,000 Twitter Followers

Ant and Dec have been on our television screens since 1994, so it’s no wonder that they are some of the most loved British presenters. With joint social media accounts on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, the duo have one of the largest social media followings out of all TV presenters.

  1. Jamie Oliver: 8,900,000 Instagram Followers | 114,900 Tiktok Followers | 6,300,000 Twitter Followers

Jamie Oliver is the second TV chef personality to rank in the top three for the most-followed presenters in the UK. Gaining popularity from his show The Naked Chef, Oliver has a total of 8.9 million Instagram followers, 114.9 thousand Tiktok followers and 6.3 million Twitter followers.


The TV Presenters with the Most Television Awards


  1. Ant and Dec: 34 Awards

Guinness World Record holders for the most consecutive wins of Best Presenter at the National Television Awards hosted in London, Ant and Dec have the most TV awards out of all UK presenters.

The hosts of Britain's Got Talent, Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! hold 34 joint wins for BAFTAs, NTA awards and Royal Television Society awards among many others.

  1. David Attenborough: 26 Awards

National treasure and three-time Primetime Emmy Award winner, David Attenborough is in second place as one of the UK TV presenters that have won the most television awards.

Attenborough has 26 awards, including BAFTAs for Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II.

  1. Graham Norton: 15 Awards

Eight-time BAFTA winner for his shows The Graham Norton Show and So Graham Norton, the talk show host and television presenter Graham Norton is in third place.

Norton has 15 television awards, including those from the NTAs and British Comedy Awards.


Slingo wanted to find the highest-earning UK TV Presenters, therefore looked at the social followings, potential earnings and number of TV awards received by 39 of the top presenters in the UK.

To find the TV presenters with the biggest social followings, we used Instagram, TikTok and Twitter to find the number of followers of each presenter’s account. For presenters without a personal account, the total number of followers was recorded as 0. To calculate an overall score out of 10, the number of each presenter’s followers on each social media platform was given a relative score out of 10. An average of the three scores was calculated to give a ‘social following score’.

To find the TV presenters with the highest potential earnings, the net worth of each presenter was sourced from Celebrity Net Worth, and where unavailable The ExpressWikiodin, GossipGist, CelebNetWorth, InformationCradle, The Mirror, IdolNetWorth and The Times. The estimated maximum earnings per sponsored Instagram post and Instagram reel were calculated using InBeat’s Instagram Money Calculator. Each presenter was given a relative score out of 10 for their net worth, potential earnings per Instagram post and potential earnings per Instagram reel. An average of the three scores was taken to generate a potential income score out of 10.

To find the TV presenters with the most TV awards, the number of award wins for each presenter on IMDb was sourced.

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