Most Influential Celebrities

Most Influential Celebrities
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Celebrities often serve as significant inspirations in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, influencing trends and personal styles worldwide. While the list of influential celebrities is extensive and continually evolving, some stand out for their significant impact more than others.

The team at Slingo slots have analysed over 300 celebrities known for their influence across fashion, beauty and fitness on Google search data to see which inspire us the most and which are the most influential star signs.

Who are the most influential celebrities?


Most Influential Celebrities Hair

1. Jennifer Aniston - 374,600 searches

Jennifer Aniston, known for her iconic hairstyles, tops the list for hair with an impressive 374,600 searches. This shows that people are still hugely interested in her hair trends, possibly stemming from the famous 'Rachel' haircut in the sitcom "Friends."

2. David Beckham - 227,100 searches

Following Aniston, David Beckham ranks second with 227,100 searches. Beckham's ever-evolving hairstyles have made him a style icon beyond his football career, influencing men's hair trends globally.

3. Hailey Bieber - 226,700 searches

Hailey Bieber is closely behind Beckham, with 226,700 searches, underscoring her influence as a fashion and beauty icon. Her hair choices usually reflect current trends and resonate with a younger audience.


Most Influential Celebrities Makeup

1. Taylor Swift - 22,240 searches

Leading the list for makeup inspo with 22,240 searches, Taylor Swift's makeup looks are renowned for their classic and elegant style. Her signature bold red lips and winged eyeliner have become iconic, influencing fans and makeup enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Kylie Jenner - 21,200 searches

Close behind with 21,200 searches, Kylie Jenner has made a significant impact in the beauty industry, particularly with her own cosmetics line. Her makeup looks, known for their trend-setting styles like bold lip colours and contoured cheeks, have a massive following.

3. Kim Kardashian - 18,200 searches

Garnering 18,200 searches, Kim Kardashian is a significant beauty influencer. Her makeup is often characterised by contouring techniques and smoky eyes, which have become highly sought after and replicated.


Most Influential Celebrities Nails

1. Hailey Bieber - 2.3 million searches

Topping the list with an astonishing 2.3 million searches, Hailey Bieber is a significant trendsetter in nail fashion. Her nail art and design choices are highly influential, with fans and beauty enthusiasts seeking to emulate her style.

2. Taylor Swift - 208,000 searches

With 208,000 searches, Taylor Swift's nail styles are also highly sought after. Known for her varied fashion statements, Swift's nails often complement her outfits and overall style, from classic reds to more intricate designs for special events.

3. Kylie Jenner - 115,500 searches

Garnering 115,500 searches, Kylie Jenner's nails are a significant part of her beauty and fashion presence. Often showcasing bold and innovative designs, Jenner's nails are a topic of interest and inspiration in the beauty community.


Most Influential Celebrities Style

1. Taylor Swift - 1.4 million searches

At the top for her fashion influence is Taylor Swift, with 1.4 million searches. Known for her chic and evolving style, Swift's fashion choices range from glamorous red-carpet gowns to casual, relatable streetwear, appealing to a broad audience.

2. Harry Styles - 611,000 searches

Second on the list with 611,000 searches, Harry Styles is celebrated for his bold and boundary-pushing fashion sense. His eclectic style, often featuring vibrant colours, unique patterns, and gender-fluid elements, has made him a fashion icon.

3. Lady Gaga - 329,900 searches

With 329,900 searches, Lady Gaga is renowned for her avant-garde and often theatrical outfits. Her fashion choices, ranging from striking red carpet-looks to elaborate stage costumes, have always been a subject of fascination.


Most Influential Celebrities Fitness

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger - 156,800 searches

Leading the list with 156,800 searches, Arnold Schwarzenegger's fitness regime is legendary. His background as a bodybuilder, Mr. Olympia titleholder, and fitness icon continues to inspire individuals interested in bodybuilding and fitness.

2. Henry Cavill - 125,800 searches

With 125,800 searches, Henry Cavill is known for his impressive physique, especially for roles like Superman. His rigorous training and dedication to fitness make him a source of motivation for many seeking to achieve a similar fitness level.

3. Chris Hemsworth - 117,300 searches

With 117,300 searches, Chris Hemsworth's transformation for roles like Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe showcases his commitment to fitness. His workout routines and diet plans are widely sought after by fans.

Which celebrity star signs are the most influential?

Most Influential Celebrity Star Signs

We also looked at each celebrity’s star sign, taking the average searches across all five categories.

Sagittarius had by far the highest average, at over 237,000, mainly because both Taylor Swift and Hailey Bieber fall under this sign. Taylor racked up 1.9 million searches across all categories, while Hailey’s were even higher at 2.6 million!

Aquarius celebrities such as Harry Styles and Jennifer Aniston generate considerable interest, particularly in fashion and hair, with average searches of 63,717. 

Libras like Jenna Ortega and Kim Kardashian are just a little behind, with notable search volumes in makeup and hair and an average of 62,367.

Which celebrities are most influential on social media?


Most Influential Celebrities Social Media

1. Selena Gomez - 429 million followers

With an astounding 429 million followers, Selena Gomez is the most influential celebrity on Instagram. Selena, a singer, actress, and producer, has successfully transitioned from a child star to a global icon. Her account reflects personal and professional updates and advocates for causes like mental health awareness and social issues.

2. Kylie Jenner - 399 million followers

Kylie Jenner holds the second spot with 399 million followers, showing her immense influence as a social media powerhouse and entrepreneur. As a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie has been in the limelight from a young age. She leveraged her fame to build a successful business empire, including her cosmetics line, which she heavily promotes on Instagram.

3. Ariana Grande - 380 million followers

Ranking third with 380 million followers, Ariana Grande is a force to be reckoned with on Instagram. Renowned as a singer and actress, Ariana's Instagram feed is a vibrant mix of her professional work, personal moments, and interactions with fans. Her account provides glimpses into her life on and off stage, including her music, tours, and personal endeavours.


Most Influential Celebrities Tiktok

1. Ariana Grande - 176.5 million followers

With a staggering 176.5 million followers, Ariana Grande is the most followed celebrity on TikTok. Known primarily as a global pop sensation and actress, her content often includes behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life, snippets of her music and performances, and personal moments showcasing her personality.

2. Addison Rae - 88.8 million followers

Addison Rae, holding the second spot with 88.8 million followers, rose to fame primarily through TikTok. She is the perfect example of a social media influencer whose rise to stardom came mainly through TikTok. Known for her dance videos, she has also successfully transitioned into music and acting.

3. Will Smith - 74.3 million followers

With 74.3 million followers, Will Smith is third on the list. As an established actor and producer, Will Smith's entry into TikTok brought a new dimension to his versatile career. His TikTok content combines humour, inspirational messages, and personal insights.


We used various online articles to create an initial list of over 300 celebrities known for their influence in style, hair, makeup, nails and fitness.

For each, we used Google Ads Keyword Planner to find the number of searches between November 2022 and October 2023 for their name, followed by the terms “hair”, “makeup looks”, “nails”, “outfits”, and “fitness”.

We also took a combined total for each celebrity across all five categories before taking averages of these for each of the 12 star signs.

Finally, we took each celebrity’s number of followers on Instagram and TikTok, correct as of November 29, 2023.



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