Bingo Promotion - 5K Community Blossom


Bingo Your Way into the Jubilee Year!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll already know that 2022 is the Queen's Platinum Jubilee year. While the official holiday may be over, at Slingo we’re celebrating all year round and the promotions just keep on coming. Like the street parties that brought the nation together, we’re adding our special way of celebrating the Jubilee Year into our next promotion, called the 5K Community Blossom. 

In this promotion, we’ll be hosting 10 x 70 GBP bingo games in Bingo room 3533. Everyone’s a winner in this event because this is a Community Pot where all players will get a share of the prize for every ticket sold. The minimum prize on offer is a total of 5K, which is broken down into 500GBP for 1 Line, 750GBP for two lines, and 1,250GBP for a full house. Alongside this, there’s also a whopping community pot of 2500GBP.


Terms and Conditions:

This promotion is a linked game played in the 5k Community Blossom and The Jackpot Rooms. Max cards 100. Ticket price £0.30. General Terms and Conditions apply.


Come and Play the Bingo Promotion - 5K Community Blossom at Slingo

Keep the party going this jubilee year with our fabulous 5k Community Blossom Promotion. See you at 9:30 pm BST on Saturday 2nd July 2022, and be sure to be in Bingo Room 3533! Good luck and have fun!


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