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Love Grows Promotion
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Set Your Heart A-flutter with the Love Grows Promotion

On the 24th of February, Love Grows Promotion goes live right here at Slingo.com.  The Love Grows Promotion revolves around a 75-ball Jackpot Escalator game where the prize for a full house begins at £7,000 and will keep climbing upwards with each extra ball call (between 35 balls and 55 balls); by £100 to be precise. This will double to £200 for calls between 55 and 71 until a lucky player achieves that all-important Full House. The last 5 calls between 71 and 75 are set at 14,000 meaning that the minimum prize for a full house is set at £7,000 and the total seed of this game to no less than £10,000. Additional shapes such as 'the Sweetheart' and 'the Heart' will pay out £1,000 and £2,000 respectively.

For clarity, the prize pool is broken down in the following ways:

  • Sweetheart 1,000
  • The Heart 2,000
  • FH 1 to 35 7,000
  • 36 7,100
  • 37 7,200
  • 38 7,300
  • 39 7,400
  • 40 7,500

75-ball Escalator Bingo; Everything You Need to Know

The progressive jackpot offered by 75-ball Escalator Bingo is notable because it grows larger the longer it goes without being claimed. It all depends on how many times you have to contact the House to win the jackpot, which increases over time. Escalator jackpots increase the number of calls required to get House in order to activate the prize. This increase can sometimes happen every 24 hours, but it can also happen much more frequently.

Everything is dependent on the active promotion.

Terms and Conditions:

This promotion takes place in Love Grows Room linked to the Country Road room. Game plays at 10pm (UK time) on Friday 24th. Ticket price £0.25. Max cards 100. The prize amount will be split equally among all winning tickets. Bonus policy applies.


Fall in Love and Join Love Grows at Slingo 

Love is in the air with this new and exciting bingo promotion for this Valentine's month. We regularly offer exciting promotions alongside our massive selection of top casino games. Sign up and play today at Slingo.com to discover more.

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