Playtech Live's Mega Fire Blaze Trivia Promotion

Playtech Live's Mega Fire Blaze Trivia Promo
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Playtech's Mega Fire Blaze Trivia Promotion is something you should try to participate in if you've always thought of yourself as a source of all knowledge. All Playtech-allowed nations, with the exception of SE, DK, ES, and DE, are eligible. For additional information, continue reading.

Put Your Brain Power to the Test

There will be 10 games played throughout the promotion, with a total prize pool of $4,000 for each game. The campaign is presented as a live game show with an actual host. Each round consists of ten true or false questions, with 100 points awarded to players who respond correctly within 10 seconds. But don't worry—there isn't an elimination-style component to this game, so don't worry if you answer the question incorrectly. You must receive 700 points or more to win and receive a portion of the $4,000 prize pool.

The game's best features include the fact that it is totally free to play and that each round lasts only 15 minutes. Around 20:00 GMT, a new round of the game will begin each day in the Playtech Lobby so be sure to be there!


Terms and Conditions:

Promotion runs 30.03.2023 - 08.04.2023. 10 Games will take place and players will have a chance to win a share of $4,000 in cash per Game. The Game is free of charge and does not require any funds in the player’s account. All prizes will appear in USD and may be subject to currency conversion fluctuations. Standard Terms and Conditions apply.


Join Playtech Live's Mega Fire Blaze Trivia at Slingo for Your Chance to Win!

If you believe you possess the general knowledge abilities necessary to correctly respond to Playtech's challenging trivia, sign up at to take part in Playtech Live's Mega Fire Blaze Trivia Game. Enjoy playing casino games and participate in this trivia!

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