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PlayTech - WWTBAM Trivia Campaign

PlayTech - WWTBAM Trivia Campaign
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Test your mental Mettle with the WWTBAM Trivia Campaign!

With the up and coming WWTBAM (Who Wants to be a Millionaire?) Trivia Campaign, you know it's time for another excellent Playtech promotion, and this time it's not just a test of your gaming abilities, but also your trivia skills.

This campaign runs from January 17th through February 15th, giving you lots of opportunities to participate in the fun and win a share of a €45,000 prize pool (If you've got the smarts of course)! Every day, there will be two live Trivia Shows, with a €500 prize pool for the show at 6 p.m. (GMT) and a €1000 prize pool for the show at 10 p.m. (GMT).

Simply join the live game at the designated time to participate, and if you successfully answer all of the multiple choice questions, you will receive a piece of the prize pool!

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Terms and Conditions:

1. The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Live Trivia game (the “Game”) promotion will run from 17th January 2022 until 15th February 2022, 30 days in total (“Promotion Period”).

2. The Game will be active every day at certain times based on the schedule below for the duration of the Promotion Period.

3. The Game is a live game show with a prize that is presented by a live host. The Game consists of a series of increasingly difficult multiple-choice questions, each with four possible answers. The Game is not a game of chance. The questions and the order of the questions for each Game are exactly the same for all users. Players who answer the question correctly within 15-second limit are moving on, with the rest being eliminated from further participation in the relevant Game. Players who answer all questions correctly receive a shared prize which is predetermined by the Promoter.

4. The shared prize for each Game will vary from €500 to €1,000 in cash based on the prize distribution table below with a total sum of €45,000 in cash during the entire Promotion Period. In the event that none of the players win a Game, the prize pool will roll over and be added to the shared prize pool in the subsequent Game.

5. Game schedule and prize distribution:

Date Game amount Game times (GMT) Prize per game Daily spend

17/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

18/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

19/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

20/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

21/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

22/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

23/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

24/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

25/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

26/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

27/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

28/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

29/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

30/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

31/01/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

01/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

02/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

03/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

04/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

05/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

06/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

07/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

08/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

09/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

10/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

11/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

12/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

13/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

14/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

15/02/2022 2 18:00; 22:00 €500; €1000 € 1,500.00

Total prize: € 45,000.00

6. All prizes will be paid in cash.

7. The answers and questions as well as the sequence in which they appear are provided to the Promoter by an independent third-party supplier, Alphabet Media Ltd, (Trading as The Question Co) (the “Third Party Supplier”). The Promoter does not bear any responsibility, and shall not be liable, for the outcome of the Game as a result of incorrect answers supplied by the Third-Party Supplier. The Operator warrants that it shall not add\remove\translate any questions or answers unless it receives a prior written approval from the Promoter.

8. The Game is free of charge and does not require any funds in the player’s account. There are no preconditions apart from using a desktop or mobile platform.

9. Players can only participate if they answered the first question correctly and remain present for the entire duration of the Game. Following the first question, new players may not participate in the Game. Prior to the beginning of each Game the host shall communicate to the players what type of “life-lines”, if any will be applicable to each Game. Each Game length duration is approximately 15 minutes.

10. Questions are asked one by one with approximately 30-second pause between them. The number of questions for each Game shall be determined by the host or Promoter at their sole discretion and communicated to the players prior to the start of the Game.

11. All prizes will be funded by the Promoter and distributed evenly between the winners who have answered all questions correctly of the relevant Game. Players that are eligible for the prize will receive a personalized message after the end of the Game. If IMS bonus template is provided by the Operator – players get the prize automatically from the Operator. If IMS bonus template is not provided by the Operator – Promoter will send report to the Operator with payment details no later than 24 hours from the end of the relevant Game and Operator will distribute the prize to the player. Operator undertakes to credit the prizes within 72 hours from the end of the relevant Game. The winners must get their winnings within the time limit stated above and must know what they have won and how to claim without delay or administrative barriers.

12. The Operators and or the winning players shall be solely liable for any relevant taxes, if applicable, in order to legally claim the prize. The Promoter bears no responsibility whatsoever for any wins\losses as a result of prize won by the players. If there are any limitations with space on the logo/banner/initial page of the Game promotion on the Operator’s website, the Operator undertakes to add as much information that will be communicated to the players within that space as possible and direct the players to where the terms and conditions of the Game promotion are. The terms and conditions of the Game promotion must be at most, one click away.

13. Operator undertakes to procure that each of the Players is obligated not to:

13.1 use the Game in any manner that could disable, overburden, damage, or impair the Game or interfere with any other party's use of the Game, including their ability to engage in real time activities throughout the game and or,

13.2 use any robot, spider, or other automatic device, process, or means to access the game for any purpose, including monitoring or copying any of the material on the game or collecting information about other users and or,

13.3 introduce any viruses, trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, or other material which is malicious or technologically harmful and or,

13.4 attempt to gain unauthorized access to, interfere with, damage, or disrupt any parts of the Game, the server on which the Game is stored, or any server, computer, or database connected to the Game and or,

13.5 select or use as a nickname a name of another person with the intent to impersonate that person and or,

13.6 use as a nickname a name subject to any rights of a person other than you without appropriate authorization and or,

13.7 use, as a nickname, a name that is otherwise offensive, vulgar or obscene.

14. Operator undertakes that players register only once and maintain one (1) Game account for player’s personal use of the Game. It is a condition of the use of the Game that all the information player provides through the Game is correct, current, and complete. Player agrees to maintain and promptly update his\hers Game account information to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete. If player provides any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, or Operator has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, Operator may suspend or terminate player’s Game account. Any fraudulent information provided in connection with player’s use of the Game may be reported to relevant state and federal law enforcement agencies, and Operator will cooperate to ensure that violators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

15. Operator undertakes to ensure that players are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on his\her account, and for keeping his\her account password and login credentials secure. Player may never use another person’s user account or registration information for the Game without permission. Player must notify Operator immediately of any change in his\her eligibility to use the Game (including any changes to or revocation of any licenses from state authorities), breach of security or unauthorized use of his\her account. Player should never publish, distribute or post login information for his\her account.

16. During the Game players may use the chat option to communicate with other players. The host may see the chat and use it to refer to particular queries in his/her sole discretion. The Operator acknowledges that the chat of the Game shall be available and visible to players from various operators.

17. In case of any technical problems that may affect the regular Game flow, the Game may be postponed or canceled. Technical problems in the middle of the series of questions do not void the game unless stated otherwise during the Game. The Promoter will not be liable for if, for any reason, or any part of the Game is unavailable at any time or for any period. From time to time, the Promoter may restrict access to some or all parts of the Game to registered users.

18. Operator is aware of the legal and regulatory restrictions associated with the operation, advertising and promotion of gaming and/or gambling (including, without limitation, this Game), and Operator undertakes to verify, prior to launching this Game in any jurisdiction, that this Game and the terms and conditions associated therewith are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations of such jurisdiction (including but not limited to applicable consumer protection, tax and gambling regulations). Promoter shall have no liability whatsoever to ensure compliance of this Game with the laws and regulations of any jurisdiction, or the enforceability of the terms and conditions contained herein in any such jurisdiction.

19. Operator is solely liable for the terms and conditions between it and the end users. While Promoter recommends that the terms listed in this section below are included in the terms and conditions between the Operator and the end users (“End Users’ Terms”), it is hereby clarified that the sole responsibility and sole liability for the End Users’ Terms is the Operators and Promoter does not accept any liability or responsibility for the End Users’ Terms. For the avoidance of doubt, Operator warrants that the End Users’ Terms will comply with all applicable rules and regulations in the specific jurisdiction being targeted. The Operator will fully indemnify and hold the Promoter harmless against any liabilities, damages and or losses suffered or incurred by the Promoter as a result of any claim brought against the Promoter.

20. In the event that a winners’ account has been closed (by the player or the Operator) prior to the award of the prize, and provided that the Player remains eligible to receive the prize under applicable law and the Operator’s terms and conditions, reasonable efforts will be made to contact the prize winner via email or other method.

21. In the event that a winners’ account is deemed to be ineligible (for example found to be underage, or invalid id or verification), the Promoter reserves the right to withhold payment of the prize and if necessary award the prize to an alternate entrant.

22. There is no alternative to the prize offered hereunder in whole or part and in any event, redemption and\or exercise of prize payments can only be made in accordance with the general terms and conditions of <<Insert site name>>. See <<General T&C Link>>.

23. If an act, omission, event or circumstance occurs which is beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter and which prevents the Promoter from complying with these terms and conditions the Promoter will not be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing its obligation. It is hereby clarified that Promoter will use reasonable endeavors to rerun any game cancelled pursuant to this Section 23, in which case the Promoter or someone on its behalf will communicate the date and time of the applicable game to the players.

24. The Promoter’s decision in all matters is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.

25. These terms & conditions are additional to the standard terms & conditions for the participating website, and by participating in this promotion all entrants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions.

26. This promotion is available to multiple sites and therefore winners may be selected across multiple sites.

27. The Promoter reserves the right to amend or cancel this Promotion or amend these Terms and Conditions: without notice if the change or cancellation is a result of any legal or regulatory change.

28. In the event that there are unused and /or left over funds from the Game, the Promoter may at its sole discretion transfer the funds to a future promotion of the Promoter without the need to notify the previous and /or current participating operators.

29. These terms and conditions are governed by English law and we both agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Come and Play the PlayTech - WWTBAM Trivia Campaign at

So, if you think yourself a bit of a brainiac then make sure you write the 17th of January down in your diary so you won’t miss out on the WWTBAM Trivia Campaign at Slingo!


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