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Pretty Penny Promo
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The saying may be ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ but with the Pretty Penny promotion at Slingo, you need to spend pennies for the chance of winning pounds; a total prize pool of £31,000 to be exact! Keep on reading to learn more about this bingo promotion which will be running for the entirety of August


*Terms and conditions apply.*

Pretty Penny Brings Lots of August Fun!

The Pretty Penny promotion is a bingo event that will run from the 1st to the 31st of August. There’s a total prize pool of 31k up for grabs, and all the action centres around 17 morning and afternoon super quick 50-ball bingo games. All games will be played for an hour starting at 8 am in the morning and another hour starting at 1 pm in the afternoon. The morning sessions will cost just 1p and 2p to play, while the afternoon sessions will cost 2p and 3p. Two pots can be won in each game and those are won by the lucky player who is the first to complete one line and the player who can complete a full house first. All games are played in the Pretty Penny game room (Room ID 4510).


Terms and Conditions:

This promotion takes   place in the 50-ball room Pretty Penny Room, valid from Tuesday 1st August to   Thursday 31st August. Game plays twice daily:8am - 9am and 1pm - 2pm UK time. Ticket price between £0.01 and £0.03.  Max cards 300. Bonus policy applies.


Join Pretty Penny at Slingo From Just 1p a Ticket

So if you love Bingo, or if you’ve always wanted to try out the less common 50-ball variant of the game, why not try to take part in the Pretty Penny Promotion at Slingo? Sign up and play today to discover more. 

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