Slingo and Playtech's Live Trivia Show Promo

Playtech Live's Mega Live Trivia Show Promo
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Think You’re a Brainiac? Try Answering Playtech’s Questions!

Playtech has become well known for its trivia-themed promotions in recent years, but their latest release, Trivia Show Point System Live is unlike anything we've showcased before at Intrigued? Well, with a total prize pool of $40,000, you'd best hope that your general knowledge is up to scratch!

We have never hosted a trivia game like this one before, with questions that get progressively harder and offer three alternative solutions for each. Each question will be worth a specific number of points, and players will accumulate points all game long.

All Playtech-Allowed countries can take part (excluding SE, DK, ES & DE) and this promo is active every day at 18:00 GMT & 22:00 GMT, with each game lasting around 15 minutes. Better still, it’s completely free to play!

Twenty games will be played over the promotion period, and each game will offer players the chance to win a share of $2,000 in cash. A live host will preside over the gameshow which consists of a series of three-answer multiple-choice questions that are progressively more challenging. Players that properly respond to the question within the allotted 15 seconds receive points. Not to worry if one of the tricky questions trips you up though, as no one is eliminated at any time. A shared prize of $2,000 is awarded to players who total at least 600 points in the relevant Game.


Terms and Conditions:

Runs 20.04.23 – 29.04.23. 20 games of multiple-choice questions - players have potential to win a share of €2,000 cash per game. Prize pool is in EUR and may be subject to conversion fluctuations.


Join Playtech Live's Live Trivia Show at Slingo and Put Your Mental Might to the Test!

As this promotion is completely free for all Slingo players; what have you got to lose? Who knows, you might surprise yourself with a hidden specialist subject and scoop a share of the prize pool! Sign up and play today's casino games.

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