Slingo Latest Feature: My Levels


Level Up Like Never Before at Slingo!

Who doesn’t love the satisfying feeling of leveling up? Achieving goals is super satisfying, which is why here at Slingo we’ve added a brand new feature to our site called the ‘My Levels’ feature. Simply by enjoying the games you already love on our site, you can advance in levels and receive extra bonuses and prizes. Keep on reading to find out more. 

How To Use My Levels New Feature

Players only need to play to progress to each new level in order to enjoy the "My Levels" function! As you go through the levels, your chances of winning more rewards and better bonuses increase. Better yet, once you reach a level, you are unable to lower yourself; hence, there is only upward movement in this situation.

Simply take a peek at the progress bar at the top of your 'My Account' page to keep track of your progress. Points are earned to move up levels; 125 points are required to start at the first level.

You can earn points by playing any game in the casino. Points are awarded for the number of spins/rounds and the bet amount, which gives you an advantage in advancing levels.

It’s Time to Level Up So Play now at

Here at Slingo we’re proud to offer a huge range of amazing slot machines, Slingo games, bingo games, and so much more. Sign up and play today and start working towards your first level.


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