New Slingo Game: Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins!

Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins
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It’s Slingo x Gold Cash Free Spins in Our Newest Release

Gold Cash Free Spins is one of our favourite slot games, so we jumped at the opportunity to create a Slingo version of it. Just like the original, the Slingo version of the game features pyramids of gold bars in its bonus game.

Complete four or more Slingos on the grid to get a spin on the bonus wheel, which awards either a multiplier of your stake or the Cash Boost feature.

Cash Boost gives you an additional spin on the wheel, plus the chance to enter the free spins round which is based on the original slot. The more Slingos you complete, the greater your chances are of triggering the Cash Boost feature.

Read on for everything you need to know about Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins.

How to Play Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins

Once you’ve decided on your stake and clicked the spin button, you’ll get ten initial spins. Like in other Slingo games, if a number on the reels matches one on the grid it will be marked off – this time with a star symbol.

If any Wilds appear on the reels you’ll be able to choose a number from the column above it to mark off. Super Wilds let you pick a number from the entire grid.

Complete four or more Slingos to unlock the Bonus Wheel at the end of your current game. Spin the wheel to get a chance to win a multiplier prize or entry to the Cash Boost feature.

The Cash Boost feature gives you a second spin on the Bonus Wheel, with a chance to win either an increased multiplier prize or entry to the free spins round.

The more Slingos you complete in the base game, the higher the potential multiplier prizes and number of free spins.

The game also has a free spins symbol in the base game, which can appear on the reels at random and award you an additional spin at the end of your current game.

Like most Slingo games, there’s also an option to buy more spins if you want to keep playing at the end of the game. To stop playing, click ‘End Game’.

Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins Gameplay


Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins Game Features

The Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins game online has a few features you’ll recognise from other Slingo slots, as well as some fun new additions:

  • Multiplier value or number of spins in bonus increases with more Slingos
  • Fun Bonus Wheel and Cash Boost features
  • Free spins bonus game based on the original slot
  • Wilds allow you to mark off any number in the row above
  • Super Wilds enable you to make off any number in the entire grid
  • The Free Spin symbol awards an additional spin
Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins Features


Play Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins at the Official Slingo Site

It’s time to play the latest Slingo game, Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins! And where better to play it than the official Slingo site? With thousands of Slingo, slots and casino games plus amazing customer service and a fun gaming environment, is your number one choice for the best gaming experience. Create your account and play Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins now!

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