Play Our New Game: Slingo Cleopatra

Play Our New Game: Slingo Cleopatra
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Walk Like an Egyptian with the New Slingo Cleopatra Game!

We can’t wait for you all to play the latest Slingo game: Slingo Cleopatra! This exciting new game is a collaboration with hit slot game Cleopatra, which focuses on the iconic female pharaoh of the same name.

Whether you’ve played the original slot before or not, you’re sure to love Slingo Cleopatra. Match up numbers on the Slingo grid with those on the reels to complete Slingos and work your way up the bonus ladder. One of our favourite features of this game is that you will collect every prize you land on or pass, and it will be added on to your running total of Bonus Spins.

Eye of Horus Wilds and Cleopatra Super Wilds help you to mark off numbers on the grid, giving you even more chances to win!

How to Play Slingo Cleopatra

Before playing the Slingo Cleopatra game online, you’ll need to decide on your stake. Once that’s sorted, it’s time to begin!

The aim of the game is to match up numbers on the reel with those on the grid. Completing a Slingo on the grid will move you up the pay ladder, and your goal is to mark off every number on the grid to achieve a full house.

Complete four or more Slingos to earn free spins for the Cleopatra bonus round. With each Slingo you pass or land on, those spins will be added onto your running total. Reach a full house (11 Slingos) to be rewarded with a whopping 35 extra spins!

Eye of Horus Wilds and Cleopatra Super Wilds help you to mark off numbers on the grid, and sphinx Scatters can award a free spins/cash prize combo, as well as triggering the bonus round.

The Cleopatra bonus replicates the original Cleopatra slot, where you’ll spin the reels in the hopes of winning a real money prize!

At the end of each game you can choose whether to stop playing, or pay for additional spins to carry on the fun.

Slingo Cleopatra Game Features


The Slingo Cleopatra game has a few features you’ll recognise from other Slingo games, as well as some exciting new additions:

  • Complete four or more Slingos to get bonus spins
  • Cleopatra bonus game in the style of the original slot
  • Eye of Horus Wilds and Cleopatra Super Wilds help you mark off numbers on the grid
  • Sphinx Scatters can award bonus spins, a cash prize and entry to the Cleopatra bonus
  • Bonus spins accumulate as you complete Slingos
  • The Free Spin symbol awards an additional spin
  • Option to buy additional spins at the end of each game

Play Slingo Cleopatra at the Official Slingo Site is the official home of Slingo Originals, including Slingo Cleopatra. This unique Slingo mash-up gives you a new way to enjoy the classic Cleopatra slot, with a fun Ancient Egyptian theme and an exclusive bonus round. With its simple gameplay, beautiful design and the ever-popular Slingo grid, you’re sure to love Slingo Cleopatra. Ready to play? Sign up at Slingo and play Slingo Cleopatra!

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