Play Our New Game: Slingo Elf Blitz

Play Our New Game: Slingo Elf Blitz
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Get into the Festive Spirit with the New Slingo Elf Blitz Game!

Whether you’re crazy about Christmas or you’re a bit of Scrooge, we’ve got just the thing to get you feeling festive! Our brand-new Slingo Elf Blitz game is full of Christmas cheer, and features three mischievous elves who race around the Slingo grid for a chance to win you multiplier prizes, or even a jackpot of up to 1,000x your bet!

This Slingo game works similarly to others you may have played, and the aim is to match up numbers on the reels with those on the grid to complete lines (or ‘Slingos’) and work your way up the pay ladder.

At the start of the game you can choose which elf you’d like to race for you, each with a different volatility level and maximum multiplier prize.

Keep reading to find out more about the Slingo Elf Blitz game, including how to play, bonus features and more. 

How to Play Slingo Elf Blitz

Before playing Slingo Elf Blitz online at Slingo, you’ll need to decide on your stake. Adjust it using the stacked coins icon underneath the ‘START GAME’ button.

Once that’s sorted, hit ‘START GAME’ to begin.

You’ll then be asked to choose one of three elves to race with. The horses have different volatilities and different jackpot prizes, too. Those with a higher volatility are likely to pay out less frequently, but with bigger prizes (and vice versa).

Once you’ve chosen an elf, the game will begin automatically.

The aim of the game is to match up numbers on the reel with those on the grid. Just like in other Slingo games, you’ll win a Slingo for marking off five numbers on the grid – vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Completing a Slingo on the grid will move you up the pay ladder, and your goal is to mark off every number on the grid to achieve a full house and win the corresponding prize.

Wilds and Super Wilds can help you towards this goal by allowing you to choose specific numbers to mark off on the grid.

You’ll notice that the elves move around the racecourse when a position on the grid is marked off that corresponds to their colour. If your elf reaches a multiplier value on the racecourse, this multiplier will be applied to your win.

If your elf makes it to the finish line before the end of the game, you’ll win the corresponding jackpot!

Slingo Elf Blitz Game Features

The Slingo Elf Blitz game online has a few features you’ll recognise from other Slingo games, as well as some exciting new additions:

  • Prize value increases with each completed Slingo
  • Fun racecourse feature with jackpot prizes
  • Reach checkpoints on the racecourse to win multipliers
  • Wilds allow you to mark off any number in the row above
  • Super Wilds enable you to make off any number in the entire grid
  • The Free Spin symbol awards an additional spin
  • Option to buy more spins at the end of the game


Play Slingo Elf Blitz at the Official Slingo Site is the official home of Slingo Originals, including Slingo Elf Blitz. This festive new game has a fun racecourse feature, which sees elves race around the Slingo grid for a chance to win you multiplier or jackpot prizes. Ready to get your skates on? Sign up now and play Slingo Elf Blitz online at Slingo!

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