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Slingo Lucky Streak
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Slingo Lucky Streak is a fun slot game inspired by Irish folklore – think leprechauns, pots of gold and rainbows! Unlike other Slingo slots each game starts with two Streaks (or spins). Match up a number on the reel with those on the grid and you’ll win a Streak (similar to a life), but if you don’t get a match you’ll lose one…

In this review we’ll explore what it’s really like to play one of the most innovative Slingo games, and what we love about it. If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to play, visit our Slingo Lucky Streak page.


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Slingo Lucky Streak Information

Game Name: Slingo Lucky Streak

RTP: 95%

Game Provider: Slingo Originals brought by Gaming Realms

Reels: 5

Theme: 2D/3D, Irish

Paylines: 12

Feature/s: Wilds, Super Wilds, Extra Lives

Min & Max Bet: £0.20 - £25

Volatility: Medium/High

Biggest Possible Win: 200x bet


HIGHLIGHT ONE: Slingo Lucky Streak Gameplay

Slingo Lucky Streak is an engaging Slingo game that looks similar to other Slingo titles, but has a few important differences. Where other Slingo games typically consist of eight or ten fixed spins per game, Slingo Lucky Streak starts with two spins – or Streaks, which you can see represented by hearts at the top of the screen.

The aim of the game is to complete Slingos (similar to lines in bingo) by matching up numbers on the grid with those on the reels.If you match a number on the spinning reel with one on the grid, you mark off the number and get another life (you can have a maximum of two Streaks at any one time). However, if you don’t get a match you lose a life.

We love this fun new way to play Slingo, and the gameplay is simple and easy to understand whether you’ve played Slingo games before or not.

HIGHLIGHT TWO: Slingo Lucky Streak Game Theme

The Slingo Lucky Streak game has a fun Irish theme, complete with a friendly leprechaun who keeps you company at the side of the grid – while guarding his pot of gold, of course! The setting of this game is rather idyllic, with butterflies and bumblebees that float lazily across the screen.

Numbers are marked off the grid with four-leaf clovers, and the leprechaun can appear on the reels to represent Wilds or Super Wilds. There’s also a Celtic-style cross, which acts as a blocker to try to stop you from completing Slingos.



HIGHLIGHT THREE: Slingo Lucky Streak Symbols

In the Slingo Lucky Streak game there are a few different symbols to look out for. Here’s a quick summary:

Leprechaun Wild (red hood): Enables you to mark off any number in the column above the one it appears in.

Leprechaun Super Wild (green hood): Allows you to mark off any number in the entire grid.

Cross symbol: Acts as a blocker to try to stop you from matching up numbers.

Red hearts: Represent lives (or Streaks/remaining spins) in the game.



HIGHLIGHT FOUR: Slingo Lucky Streak Game Bonuses

Slingo Lucky Streak doesn’t have a bonus game as such, but it does have a couple of fun features to enhance the gameplay. Here they are in a little more detail:


As we mentioned earlier, Streaks are essentially lives (or spins). If you match a number on the reels with one on the grid, you’ll get another Streak. This enables you to keep playing the game, as well as being closer to marking off Slingos on the grid.

Option to buy extra spins

Like in many Slingo games, Slingo Lucky Streak gives you the option to buy additional spins at the end of each game so that you can keep playing. The price of each spin will be clearly shown on the spin button.

FINAL HIGHLIGHT: Slingo Lucky Streak Summary

Slingo Lucky Streak is a fun slot game that is smooth and enjoyable to play. We love the Streak mechanic, which offers a new way to play Slingo that still looks and feels reassuringly familiar. The animated leprechaun next to the reels also helps to bring the game to life – maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win your own pot of gold too!

Want to learn more about Slingo Originals, including a list of our favourite Slingo Originals x Gaming Realms releases to try? Read our blog post to discover more Slingo Originals games.

Play Slingo Lucky Streak at Slingo

Slingo is the official home of Slingo Originals games, including Slingo Lucky Streak. With its fun Irish theme and innovative Streaks format, this Slingo game brings something new to the table. Ready to play Slingo Lucky Streak? Create your account at Slingo today and join the fun!

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