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Volatility Slingo Bingo
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If you’ve been reading up about online casino games like bingo and Slingo, you may have come across the term “volatility.” But what does casino volatility mean exactly, and how might it affect which games you choose to play?

In this blog we’ll explain all, including the difference between high, low and medium volatility games. We’ll also give a few examples of some of our favourite Slingo and online bingo games with different volatilities, to give you some inspiration when you’re choosing your next game!


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Introducing Slingo and Online Bingo

If you’re new to online gambling, you may not have played Slingo yet. It’s okay – we forgive you! To give you a quick summary, Slingo is an innovative combination of slots and bingo where you spin a set of reels to hopefully match up numbers on a bingo-style grid for a chance to win a cash prize. There are lots of different Slingo games and themes to choose from, and it’s one of the most popular online casino games in the UK.

But what about online bingo? Well, online bingo is an exciting new way to play the classic game – all from the comfort of your own home or mobile device. The online version of the game is becoming increasingly popular, and the Slingo team are big fans!

Now that you know a little about Slingo and online bingo, let’s take a look at what volatility and what it means in these types of games.

What Is Volatility? 

Volatility in Slingo and bingo games (as well as slots and other types of casino games) refers to the level of risk the game has. To simplify it slightly, it is the game’s hit rate (how often you can expect to win), in combination with its maximum exposure (the biggest possible win in the game). 

Games are often categorised as high volatility, low volatility, or medium volatility. High volatility casino games are those with a higher risk, but bigger potential rewards. These types of games tend to pay out less frequently – but the prizes tend to be bigger when they do pay out. 

Low volatility games present a smaller risk, but the potential prizes are also smaller. These games tend to pay out more frequently, but with smaller prizes.

As you may have guessed, medium volatility games fall somewhere in between. They present a medium-sized risk and are likely to pay out prizes that are bigger than low volatility games, but smaller than high volatility games.

Bingo Game Examples

Here are a few of our favourite online bingo games available at Slingo, ranked by volatility:

Heavyweight Bingo (Low Volatility)

Heavyweight is an exciting 90 ball bingo room that is open all day every day for pre-buy, until the big game itself at 9pm.

Like other 90 ball bingo games, Heavyweight is played on a 3x9 grid with the numbers 1-90.

There are three chances to win a prize: for marking off one line, two lines or a full house.

As a low volatility bingo game it tends to pay out more frequently than other games, but the prizes are likely to be smaller.

Super Heavyweight Bingo (Medium Volatility)

Super Heavyweight is a high-energy 90 ball bingo game with a prize pot that is bigger than the Heavyweight game. You can pre-buy your tickets all day every day, until the game starts at 9pm every Saturday.

Super Heavyweight is played on a 3x9 grid with the numbers 1-90. Prizes are awarded for marking off one line, two lines or a full house. The game is medium volatility, which means it presents a medium-sized risk and is likely to pay out prizes that are bigger than low volatility games, but smaller than high volatility games.

Zoom Room (High Volatility)

Zoom Room is the speediest bingo game in town! With just 30 balls instead of the usual 90, this fast-paced bingo game is an exciting new way to play bingo online.

With fewer bingo numbers, balls are drawn at a faster rate – making it quicker to play at turbo speed! With just one prize up for grabs for a full house, Zoom Room is a high volatility game. This means that wins will occur less often, but the prize value will be greater.

Slingo Game Examples

Now that you’re up to speed with some of our best bingo games, it’s time to explore our favourite Slingo titles:

Slingo DaVinci Diamonds (Low Volatility)

Slingo DaVinci Diamonds is a sophisticated Slingo game that combines the Slingo grid with the hugely popular slot game Da Vinci Diamonds. Complete eight or more Slingos on the grid to gain access to the Da Vinci Diamonds bonus game, which plays in the same way as the original slot.

As a low volatility Slingo game, wins are likely to be more frequent but smaller in value. 

Slingo Golden Envelope (Medium Volatility)

Slingo Golden Envelope is based around the Asian tradition of giving red envelopes filled with money to loved ones during the Lunar New Year. In this engaging Slingo game, red and gold envelopes have an important part to play. Find eight red envelopes to trigger the Red Envelope feature, or make it to the top of the pay ladder to play the Golden Envelope jackpot bonus game.

This is a medium volatility Slingo game, which means that wins are likely to be bigger than in some other Slingo games, but not occur as frequently.

Slingo Money Train

Slingo Money Train is an adventurous Slingo game inspired by the Money Train slot game series. The game has a Wild West-meets-steampunk theme, where you’ll help a motley crew of fearless criminals on their mission to rob the money train. With multipliers, bonus symbols and Money Wheels, this game offers plenty of excitement.

Slingo Money Train is one of our high volatility games, which means it is likely to pay out less frequently – but when it does, the wins are likely to be bigger than in other games.

How Does Volatility Affect the Gaming Experience?

When discussing volatility in casino games like bingo or Slingo, it’s important to remember that all outcomes are down to chance. For example, just because you’re playing a low volatility game doesn’t mean you are sure to win a small prize – you could end up winning a relatively big prize, or no prize at all.

However, in general choosing games with a higher or lower volatility can have an effect on the gaming experience. High volatility games are likely to be more exciting and dramatic because the risks are higher and there is more at stake, whereas low volatility casino games present less of a risk and are likely to have a more relaxed pace.

Tips for Safer Gambling

Although we touched on this above, we’ll say it again: higher volatility games present a higher risk. But that’s not to say that low volatility games are a safe bet either. The most important thing to remember when playing games of any volatility is that there are no guaranteed wins in online gambling. All outcomes are generated by a Random Number Generator (RNG) and cannot be predicted.

Here are a few of our top tips for responsible gambling at Slingo:

  • Never gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose
  • Don’t chase losses (this means betting more money after a loss because you think you are ‘due a win’)
  • Decide on your limits (both budget and time) before you start playing, and stick to it
  • Choose games with a volatility that suits your appetite for risk

Play Slingo and Bingo Games at Slingo.com 

Ready to try playing some Slingo and online bingo games? Our advice is to try out a few games with different volatility levels to find what you prefer. Sign up now at Slingo.com and find all the games we featured in this article, plus many more! Always gamble responsibly, and never spend more than you can afford to lose.

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