Wanderer's List: Top 5 Slingo Adventure Games

Top Slingo Adventure Games
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If you’re a bit of a globetrotter who loves travelling to new places and exploring what they have to offer, you’ll love our adventure-themed Slingo games. From time travelling with Slingo Centurion to flying across galaxies with Slingo Space Invaders, you can experience it all with Slingo.

Adventure-themed slots are one of the most popular categories at Slingo, so dive in and see what treasures you discover!

Read our blog for a list of our favourite Slingo adventure games to try.


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What Is Slingo?

In case you’re not familiar with Slingo games, we thought we’d give you a quick explanation. Slingo is a combination of all of the best elements of slots and bingo, and there is a huge variety of Slingo games and themes to choose from.

Although each game is unique, most (but not all!) Slingo games feature a 5x5 numbered grid that looks a bit like a bingo card. A slots-style reel will spin below the grid, with numbers or special symbols filling its positions. The aim of the game is to match up numbers on the reel with those on the grid, completing lines (or ‘Slingos’) on the grid to work your way up the pay ladder and win a cash prize. 

Many Slingo games have special bonus features that are triggered after completing a certain number of Slingos.

Check Out Our Favourite Slingo Adventure Games

Here’s our pick of the best adventure-themed Slingo games to try:

Slingo Pirate's Treasure

Ahoy there, me hearties! First up it’s Slingo Pirate’s Treasure, an epic Slingo game featuring Wilds, Super Wilds and even a Pirate Captain. When the Captain appears on the reels a cannon will shoot at one of the numbers on the grid to try to help you complete a Slingo!

Get six or more Slingos to activate the Pirate’s Booty bonus round at the end of the game, where you’ll fire cannons at ships and win cash prizes if you manage to hit or sink them.

Minimum bet: £0.20
Maximum bet: £25
RTP:  94.22%



Slingo Space Invaders

Slingo Space Invaders sprinkles a little of the Slingo magic on the iconic Space Invaders game. Like in other Slingo games, you’ll match up numbers on the reels with those on the grid to complete Slingos and work your way up the bonus ladder.

Get four or more Slingos on the grid to unlock the bonus game at the end of your current game. Shoot red and gold spaceships for a chance to win extra lives and cash prizes, with multipliers of up to 50x your bet to add to the excitement.

Minimum bet: £0.10
Maximum bet: £100
RTP:  94%



Slingo Cosmic Clusters

It’s time to blast off into space with Slingo Cosmic Clusters, the exciting Slingo game with a unique format. The game consists of the Slingo grid and a 5x4 set of reels below it. If you match up a number on the bottom reels with one on the Slingo grid, an alien will be teleported onto the Slingo grid to mark off a position.

Get a cluster of aliens on the Slingo grid to win a Cosmic Spin, where the barrier between the two grids will disappear and you’ll play on a 5x9 grid!

Minimum bet: £0.10
Maximum bet: £100
RTP:  94%



Slingo Inca Trail

Go on an adventure to Machu Picchu with Slingo Inca Trail, the feature-packed slot game where you could win a top prize of up to 5,000x your stake. The game is set high up in the mountains of Peru, where the famous ‘lost city’ was discovered in 1911, hundreds of years after the Incas built it.

The Slingo Inca Trail game features the familiar Slingo grid, although this time there’s a Bonus Trail running along the top of the reels. Find arrows on the reels to advance further along the trail and get a chance to unlock an exciting bonus round.

Minimum bet: £0.20
Maximum bet: £20
RTP:  95.36%



Slingo Centurion

We’re travelling back in time with Slingo Centurion, the Slingo take on hugely popular online slot Centurion. The game is set during the Roman Empire, and the aim is to complete Slingos and march your way up the bonus ladder to unlock fun bonus features.

From Reelus Maximus to Prizes on Parade and Caesar's Free Spins, there are plenty of opportunities to win a prize in this epic Slingo game. Collect Slingos to give you the strength to conquer the enemy, and make sure you’re fully kitted out with your armour and helmet so you look the part!

Minimum bet: £0.20
Maximum bet: £20
RTP:  95%



Play Slingo Adventure Games at Slingo.com

Find all of these adventure-themed games and more at Slingo.com, the official home of Slingo games. Register now for a fabulous gaming experience at our safe, secure online casino. Sign up at Slingo UK and start your adventure! Always gamble responsibly, and never spend more than you can afford to lose.

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