Deal or no Deal Double Action

The popular game show has been given an online slot makeover! Deal or No Deal: Double Action is brought to you by Blueprint gaming, combining a classic arcade-style fruity and recognisable features from the TV show. This 5-reel, 5-line slot has a whopping 16 features, plus plenty of cash prizes to be won. So fingers crossed!


You can view all of the possible 16 features on the left hand side of the game. Among them are prize pick bonuses like Money Box, which reveals a cash prize and Big Money, which gives you the chance to win up to 1000x your bet.

How to play

Use the STAKE button to adjust your bet, then hit START to get going. If you’d rather let the game play out automatically, hit AUTOPLAY and the reels will spin automatically for a set number of rounds. Have fun!

If you trigger the Bonus, this will cause a dapple on the board, awarding one of the following:

  • Stopper: highlights different locations around the board and awards whatever the light lands on
  • Boost: boosts you further down the trail
  • Win Spin: reels spin to reveal a prize
  • Respin: awards you a respin
  • Shot Climb: you’ll get 3 shots to climb the trail ladder
  • Add Again: re-adds the numbers that landed during that spin and a repeat ‘YES/NO’ is presented
  • Super Board Trail

Activating the Super Board Trail awards the top game. You can win features and cash prizes by moving around the board according to the number in the middle of the board.
Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • Feature+: increases the feature board on the left
  • Cash+: increases the cash board on the right
  • Free Spin: awards an extra Free Spin
  • Arrow: moves you to the inside of the board
  • Phone: 3 or more Phones award the Deal or No Deal Bonus
  • Heart: 3 Hearts award an extra life
  • Cash Out: ends the Trail Bonus with a dapple that awards a prize or a loss
  • Super Spin: you’ll get an extra Super Spin
  • Bonus: you’ll get a Bonus
  • Mystery: mystery outcome
  • Multi Add: adds to the cash pot, or features, cash or extra phones are awarded
  • Box 23: pick a box to reveal a prize
  • Red Alert Mode can spin the reels multiple times to award reel wins or a bonus


There’s a whopping 16 features up for grabs in this action-packed game. Check them out:

  • Big Money: you’ll be taken to a big money screen, with 10 gold boxes displaying values between 100 to 1000x your bet. The boxes are shuffled and you must pick one to win a prize!
  • Powerplay: the base reels spin to a win then a repeat ‘YES/NO’ is given. If yes, the reels spin to another win.
  • Box Magic: choose a red box to reveal a cash prize. This continues until ‘COLLECT’ is revealed.
  • Bank On It: top 7 values dapple on the cash ladder. Hit ‘START’ to stop the dapple and win the corresponding prize. A repeat ‘YES/NO’ is awarded on that prize.
  • Cash Combo: all the values dapple on the cash ladder. Hit ‘START’ to stop the dapple and win the corresponding prize. A repeat ‘YES/NO’ is awarded on that prize. If ‘YES’, another cash prize is given.
  • Star Prize: 3 blue boxes are presented. Pick one to reveal CLIMB 1, 2, 3 or collect. If you get a climb, you’ll advance up the cash ladder.
  • Big Reds: a random dapple occurs across the Red DOND values. Hit SPIN to stop it and win the corresponding prize.
  • Box Clever: 3 red boxes are presented. Choose one to win a prize.
  • Reel Rush: the number reel spins and then stops to reveal how far you’ll advance up the cash ladder. A repeat ‘YES/NO’ is awarded. If ‘YES’, another cash value is given.
  • Cash Climb: a Hi-Lo gamble up the cash ladder.
  • Crazy Cash: you’ll get 3 chances to climb the cash ladder.
  • Cash Code: the reels spin and then stop. You’ll climb the cash ladder by the corresponding number on the reels.
  • Money Box: choose from 3 blue boxes to win a prize.
  • Turbo Gamble: gamble up/down the cash ladder.
  • Hot Shot: random dapple across blue DOND boxes. Hit spin to stop the dapple and win the corresponding prize. A repeat ‘Yes/No’ is given on the win.
  • Win Spin: the reels spin to a winning combo.

Deal or No Deal Feature

This is activated by collected 3 Phones. You can choose to enter the feature or play on with the chance to upgrade the bonus. 5 Phones trigger the Super Deal or No Deal, in which 2 DOND games become active. 6 Phones activate the Mega Deal or No Deal, in which the bottom 5 paddles are removed from the game on both DOND games. Best of luck!
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Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.57% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.57