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Slingo Extreme Game

Slingo Extreme
  • slingo_originalSlingo Original
The Slingo Extreme takes the classic Slingo game you know and love and dials it up a few notches. With a fiery makeover and faster gameplay, can you handle the heat that the Slingo Extreme game throws out?
  • 12Paylines
  • £0.50Min. Bet
  • £100Max. Bet
  • £385Biggest Win
  • SlingoProduced by
  • 5Reels
  • 2D/3D, Magical/MysticalGame Theme
  • NoJackpot

Slingo Extreme Game Description

Slingo Extreme is the hottest addition to the Slingo format and offers faster paced action than classic Slingo games while still offering the fantastic fusion of slots and bingo that you know and love. While this may be the new bad-boy in town, however, there’s still a lot of the excellent features of Slingo games to look forward to such as Jokers and Super Jokers which will offer you spicey bonus for landing three or more within a single spin of the reel!

How to Play Slingo Extreme Online

Getting started with the Slingo Extreme begins by setting your stake amount. This is done by using the + and - buttons found at the bottom of the screen. When you’re happy with your wager all you have to do is hit ‘spin’; it’s really as easy as that!

Your Slingo Extreme game will begin as soon as you click spin and plays automatically. This means that you get to sit back and relax and watch the action unless a Joker or Super Joker is landed in which case you’ll need to pick the number you want to mark off. When it comes to matching numbers you don’t even need to worry about marking them off as the Slingo Extreme game takes care of everything.

In regards to symbols you’ll find all the typical Slingo symbols here such as Jokers, Super Jokers, Free Spins symbol, the Devil, Coins, and of course the numbers that you’ll need to match.

Slingo Extreme Characters and Features

Joker Bonus

This is a common feature of many Slingo games and is a nice additional treat for players. The Joker Bonus is an instant cash prize which players will win if they land 3 Jokers or Super Jokers (in any combination) within a single spin.

Free Spins

Players are awarded free spins each time they land the ‘free spin’ symbol. The free spins they are awarded will be played at the end of the base game which comprises of 11 spins. There are four free spins up for grabs and it's worth noting that each free spin won will reduce the amount of extra spins that are purchasable at the end of the game so that your total game will never exceed 19 spins.

Prize Ladder (Paytable)

You’ll find the prize ladder to the left of the game grid and this indicates how much each Slingo you achieve will earn you; think of it like a paytable in classic slot games. The Slingo Extreme prize ladder is laid out like this:

  • One Slingo: 0.1x stake amount
  • Two Slingos: 0.2x stake amount
  • Three Slingos: 0.3x stake amount
  • Four Slingos: 1x stake amount (return on wager)
  • Five Slingos: 2x stake amount
  • Six Slingos: 3x stake amount
  • Seven Slingos: 5x stake amount
  • Eight Slingos: 10x stake amount
  • Nine Slingos: 20x stake amount
  • Ten Slingos: 100x stake amount
  • Full House: 500x stake amount

Reel Configuration

The Slingo Extreme features a single reel with five spaces which can reveal the following numbers:

  • Reel 1: 1-15
  • Reel 2: 16-30
  • Reel 3: 31-45
  • Reel 4: 46-60
  • Reel 5: 61-75

Slingo Extreme FAQs

Q: Is Slingo Extreme the same as Slingo XXXtreme?
A: No, these are two different Slingo games. Slingo XXXtreme runs at a faster pace and has a higher total payout than Slingo Extreme, which is still thrillingly fun, but a little less intense.

Q: How can I tell the Joker and the Super Joker apart?
A: Both these symbols look quite similar and it can be a little confusing for new players to tell these two apart. The Joker has a red hat and a blue shirt, while the Super Joker looks like the big brother of the Joker symbol and wears all green.

Q: How many numbers can be landed each time I spin the reel of Slingo Extreme online?
A: 5 numbers or symbols are landed each time the player spins the Slingo Extreme reel.

Q: What is the volatility of the Slingo Extreme online game?
A: The Slingo Extreme game is played at low volatility despite it’s extreme nature - this is the same across most Slingo titles.

Q: What’s the theoretical return to player of the Slingo Extreme?
A: The Slingo Extreme game has a theoretical return to player of 95%

Slingo Extreme Game on Slingo

The Slingo Extreme game gives us all the thrills we could ask for while still giving us the Slingo fun that we love. If you can handle the heat it’s totally worth a spin or two!

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