Bingo Jokes to Brighten Your Day

Bingo Jokes to Brighten Your Day
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All the Best Bingo Gags and Jokes

Bingo has been a big part of UK culture since the 1960s, so it’s no surprise that plenty of bingo jokes have evolved over time.

Read on for our favourite bingo-themed jokes, then try them on your friends and family!

Here’s a perfect joke for your fellow bingo enthusiasts:

My doctor told me I had a Bingo tumour.

He said "Don't worry. It's B-9.”

And one for the animal lovers amongst you:

What do cats say when they play bingo?
Eyes down for a full mouse.

Do vampires play bingo? We think so!

What do vampires play Bingo with?
Stake money!

Ready for our next bingo gag?

How can you tell that a bingo player just isn’t into you?
When you call their numbers five times in a row and they still don’t answer.

Here comes one of our favourites:

What do you call an elderly man who wins three bingo games in a row?
Jerry Hat-trick.

This one is sure to get you giggling:

I invited a blind bingo caller to my dinner party.
He’s not a close friend, he’s just there to make up the numbers.

Ready for some more bingo banter?

I'm worried that my grandma is starting to lose her marbles. Yesterday when I went to visit she'd been marking herself all over with her bingo pen.
She's completely dotty.

Can you guess the punchline?

What do you call a lady who’s addicted to playing bingo games?

Another one of our favourites!

Try not to take your bingo too seriously.
At the end of the day, it’s just a load of balls.

You can’t beat a classic ‘knock knock’ joke:

Knock knock.Who’s there?
Bingo who?
Bin going to come and visit for ages.

One of our favourite new bingo jokes:

How does Gen Z play bingo?
49 and Amazon Prime.

Can you relate to this one?

How do you get five sweet old ladies to swear like sailors?
Have a sixth one shout, “Bingo!”

Last but not least:

Why don’t physicists and Bingo players get along?
They disagree on the application and existence of a free space.

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