Is Online Bingo Fair?

Fairness in Online Bingo
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Whether you’re a bingo newbie or you’ve been playing for a while, you may have asked yourself the question: is online bingo fixed?

Although thankfully the answer is a firm no, here at Slingo we understand why some people might be suspicious at first. Unlike with traditional bingo, you can’t see a bingo caller or balls being drawn, since this is done by a computer.

People are also likely to question the fairness of online bingo if the same players seem to be winning all of the time.

However, there are simple explanations for this, plus lots of regulations to ensure that online bingo games are fair and not fixed.

Read on to find out more, including information about Random Number Generators (RNGs), the Gambling Commission and more.

Random Number Generators (RNGs) to the Rescue!

In traditional bingo, numbered balls are randomly extracted from a ball hopper or cage by the bingo caller. This method of jumbling the balls up ensures that the outcomes are random and cannot be predicted.

In online bingo (and with many other online casino games such as slots), a Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to determine which balls are called, and in which order. The result is similar to using a ball hopper in traditional bingo, but this time we can’t see it happening.

Essentially, RNGs use a complex algorithm to choose numbers, which is almost impossible to guess or hack.

All licensed UK casinos have their RNGs tested regularly by the UK Gambling Commission, to ensure that they are fair and not rigged.

This means that all outcomes in online bingo are down to luck and chance - whether you will win or lose cannot be predicted, and that’s all part of the fun of it!

The UK Gambling Commission Protects Players

If you’re playing online bingo (or any kind of online casino game) in the UK, it’s important to check that the site you’re using is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKG). It’s an independent regulatory body that is dedicated to protecting players from harm and ensuring that casinos (both online and physical) are fair and not rigged.

The Commission conducts regular reviews (including testing of RNGs), provides advice to licensees, reviews financial info, and takes action if any issues arise.

In short, if a casino is licensed by the UKG, you can be sure that it’s safe. If it isn’t, steer well clear! You can search for a casino on the UKG website’s public register to check that it has an active licence.

Luck and Probability

The truth is that there is no way to determine whether you will win or lose a bingo game. Even if you’ve lost 100 games in a row, this doesn’t mean that you’re ‘due a win’ (or alternatively that you’ll lose the next game by default) since all outcomes and games are independent of each other.

If you’re puzzled as to why it may seem like some players are ‘always winning’, this can easily be explained. It’s likely that players who win frequently are buying more tickets, and playing more games, than others. This increases their probability of winning - but remember that they are spending more money to buy all those tickets.

Even if it looks like someone has won a lot of money, it’s quite possible that they could have spent the equivalent (or more) on tickets and wagers!

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The short answer is that online bingo games are not fixed - hurrah! You can enjoy a range of fun online bingo games at Slingo, which is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Sign up at Slingo and join the fun in a safe, secure environment that puts you first!

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