How to Play Slingo: Top 5 Tips

How to Play Slingo: Top 5 Tips
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Play Slingo Like a Pro With our Top 5 Tips

Slingo is the fusion of slots and Bingo and is an incredibly popular genre of online casino games; we should know, we named our site after it! We want all our players to be able to enjoy great Slingo games safely and achieve success and satisfaction when playing our titles, which is why we created this article to teach you some great tips for how to play and enjoy the huge array of Slingo games on our site,

1. Explore the Paytable

Once you’ve found your perfect Slingo title, a great tip is to check out the paytable for the game before you start to play. The paytable is a handy thing to find because not only does it show you the payouts you can expect to achieve from different numbers of Slingos but also the symbols that are used in the game. Most Slingo slots will follow a similar combination of symbols such as the Joker/Super Joker, devil, and so on, but some games will change their symbols to match their theme or add a few special ones in; either way it’s always good to know!

Paytables are also great because they tend to give instructions for how to play the game, the projected cost of extra spins (if your Slingo game includes them), the configuration of win lines, and sometimes even some helpful tips. You can normally find the paytable by clicking on the ‘?’ or ‘(i)’ icon.

2. Spin With Care!

Most Slingo games will either offer a set number of additional spins or an unlimited amount of extra spins. However, it’s worth noting that extra spins aren’t free (unless you’ve specifically won free spins), and the cost for each extra spin will depend upon the current state of play and your chances of advancing up the prize ladder. Make sure you only purchase extra spins when you feel your game is at a stage where extra Slingos feel possible so you don’t waste your time and money.

3. Make the Most of Those Jokers!

Almost all Slingo slots will have some variant of a Joker and/or Super Joker, which are very helpful symbols that can get you one step up the prize ladder and one step closer to achieving a Full House. When landed, a Joker symbol will allow you to mark off one number in the column above its reel position. The Super Joker allows you to mark off one number anywhere on the game grid, so it’s pretty easy to see why these symbols are so handy.

4. Aim for the Bonus Features

While the more basic Slingo games will stick to the OG formula, some titles add in their own features and bonus games. This is why paying attention to the paytable can be pretty helpful because it’ll give you the heads up on what bonuses are on offer and how to achieve them. Aiming to trigger the bonus games is always a smart strategy as they can lead to extra prizes or a better chance to achieve more Slingos.

5. Always Play Responsibly

It goes without saying that you should always play any online casino game responsibly. If you love Slingo simply for the joy of matching numbers, then playing the games on free play mode is a great option that won’t hurt your bank balance. It’s important that you don’t let your emotions control you when playing Slingo, don’t chase after losses out of frustration, or chase a Full House by spending a ton on extra spins.

Enjoy Great Slingo Games at

At you can play a limitless array of fantastic Slingo titles any time you like and on any device. So, what are you waiting for? You know the top tips now, so come and give our fantastic Slingo games a try!

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