Slingo Tips for First-Time Players

Slingo Tips for First-Time Players
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Learn How to Play Fun Slingo Games

Slingo is one of the most popular online casino games ever! The game combines all the best bits of slots and bingo to create a fun new gaming experience that’s loved by players all over the world. Today there are lots of Slingo games to choose from, with different themes and designs that appeal to every taste. There are even Slingo mash-ups of popular slot games too, from Slingo Rainbow Riches to Slingo Fluffy Favourites and more!

But before we get too excited, let’s take a look at the basic mechanics of the game and explain how it all works. Ready to try something new? Let’s Slingo!

Learn the Mechanics

Slingo is a fun combination of slots and bingo, and the basic Slingo layout has a 5x5 grid that looks a bit like a bingo card. Underneath the grid, you’ll find reels that generate numbers for you to match with those on the grid.

Still following so far? Great!

Next to the grid on the right you’ll see a ball hopper (“ball hopper” is the technical name for the machine that usually holds the bingo balls!) and a spin button. The ball hopper indicates how many balls (or spins) you have left to play.

On the left of the grid is a prize ladder. Depending on the game, it may have multiplier values or bonus rounds to unlock as your progress towards the top.

To play the game, start off by pressing the spin button. Remember that there’s a maximum number of spins allowed, and it varies according to the game. Some games give you the option to buy more spins; this will be clearly stated on the spin button.

The numbers on your grid that match the ones on the reels will be automatically crossed off. You get a Slingo when you mark off five numbers in a row following the winning line. 

Take Note of the Winning Patterns

But what’s a winning line, we hear you ask? The answer is simple: winning lines are those which form a Slingo when each number in the line is marked off.

In each Slingo game there are usually 12 win lines, with prizes awarded for horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. With each winning line you complete you’ll move further up the pay ladder, hopefully making it to the Full House prize all the way at the top!

If you’re new to Slingo, it’s a good idea to read the rules of the game you’re playing and familiarise yourself with where the win lines are. 

Once you’re clear on that, you can try to mark off numbers on a winning line to complete Slingos!

Get to Know the Common Symbols and What They Mean

There are a few familiar characters and symbols to get to know when you’re playing Slingo games. Some of them will help you to complete Slingos – and others do the opposite! Here’s a quick run-down of the most common symbols you’ll find in basic Slingo games:Joker: When the Joker appears on the reels, you can mark off any number on the column it appears in.

Super Joker: Super Jokers allow you to mark off any number on the whole grid.

Free Spin: Free Spin symbols reward you with one extra spin.

Gold Coin: When a Gold Coin appears on the reels, you will be rewarded with an instant cash prize.

Devil: Devils are blocking symbols. They block potential matches on the column they appear in.

Go for Beginner-Friendly Slingo Games

Although all Slingo games have a simple, easy-to-understand format, there are a few that are great for beginners in particular. Here are a couple of our recommendations for Slingo newbies:

Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches is a classic Slingo game was the very first one to use the Slingo mechanic, and we still love playing it today! The game begins with 11 spins to complete Slingos. As you spin you’ll encounter the Joker, Super Joker, and the Devil, along with the Free Spin and Gold Coin symbols in this fun Slingo game.

This exciting game could even see you walking away with up to 200x your stake, and there are plenty more prizes up for grabs on your way up the pay ladder!

Slingo Extreme

Slingo Extreme is another great choice for first-time players. The gameplay is very similar to Slingo Riches, although this time the grid has been given a fiery new makeover. The rockstar soundtrack also adds to the experience, and this time there’s a top prize of up to 500x your stake!

Have Fun!

We’ve saved our most important tip until last! We want all our players to have fun playing Slingo games in a safe, secure environment that puts you first.

An important part of having fun is playing responsibly: check out our responsible gambling page to find out more.

Play at is the official home of all Slingo games, including Slingo Riches, Slingo Extreme and many more! You can also find a huge selection of online slots and casino games - the hardest part is deciding which one to play first! Sign up now and join the fun with Slingo.

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