Creed Perfume vs Tom Ford: Which Fragrance Brand is Best?

Tom Ford
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Welcome, fellow fragrance enthusiasts! Today, we embark on a journey through the delicate bouquets of two iconic luxury perfume brands - Creed and Tom Ford.

We know choosing the perfect perfume isn't easy. It needs to complement your unique style and personality. In this guide, we explore both brands' histories, qualities, and design aesthetics, guiding you towards the fragrance that resonates with your essence.

A Brief History of Creed Perfume

Creed is a brand stooped in history, with its origins tracing all the way back to 1760 when it was founded in London by James Henry.

Over the centuries, the House of Creed has graced royalty and celebrities with its signature scents, including Creed Aventus. Each fragrance boasts its own dedicated followers due to the brand’s diverse offering and quality craftsmanship.

A Brief History of Tom Ford Fragrance

By comparison, Tom Ford is a newer player in the fragrance world, entering with a burst of modernity in 2006. Founded by the legendary fashion designer Tom Ford's influence permeates through the brand, bringing a new approach to the age-old art of perfumery.

Tom Ford's fragrances are highly sophisticated, drawing inspiration from the world of contemporary fashion.

Creed Perfume vs Tom Ford: Which Should You Choose?



Creed's commitment to quality is not just a marketing tagline; it shows in every bottle. Employing traditional techniques and the crème de la crème of natural ingredients, Creed fragrances are designed to last all day with just a few spritzes. 

Tom Ford

Tom Ford's perfumes capture the essence of modern elegance in each bottle, with the brand carefully selecting its ingredients to create excellent fragrances that last the day. With this being said, some people may find that a subtle reapplication is needed to maintain the initial intensity.

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Creed score: 9/10

Tom Ford score: 8/10

Value for money


Creed fragrances are more than just a purchase; they are an investment in luxury and an expression of sophistication, with the higher price tag reflecting the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship and years of experience.

Tom Ford

By contrast, Tom Ford's perfumes, much like the brand itself, also have an air of luxury. The price point justifies the high quality and touch of glamour that each Tom Ford fragrance promises.

Creed score: 8/10

Tom Ford score: 7/10

Product ranges


Creed's fragrance collection is a treasure trove of timeless classics, with each scent holding a distinct personality that caters to a diverse audience, from the iconic Aventus to the fresh embrace of Green Irish Tweed.

The brand strikes a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation, ensuring there's a scent for every mood, occasion, and preference.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford's fragrance repertoire has something for every nose, from the bold and seductive Black Orchid to the aromatic Tobacco Vanille or the winter-warmer Tuscan Leather. Each fragrance in Tom Ford's collection is as distinctive as it is classy.

The collection’s versatility ensures that you can find a fragrance that resonates with your ever-changing mood and style, making it a dynamic choice for the modern individual.

Creed score: 9/10

Tom Ford score: 8/10



While Creed doesn't boast about its sustainability efforts on billboards, the brand is gradually embracing eco-conscious practices. With a focus on responsible ingredient sourcing, Creed takes a mindful step towards a greener future. Although transparency could be improved, Creed's efforts to reduce its environmental impact are noticeable and commendable.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is making strides in the realm of sustainability, actively communicating its dedication to a greener planet. The brand is carving a path towards a more sustainable future by utilising responsibly sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

Tom Ford's commitment to reducing its environmental footprint earns it an extra leaf on the green scale, showcasing a genuine effort to balance luxury with ecological responsibility.

Creed score: 7/10

Tom Ford score: 8/10

Design aesthetic


You could be forgiven for thinking Creed bottles are actual pieces of art. The design exudes timeless elegance, somehow both simplistic and sophisticated. From the gold accents to the classic glass bottle, every detail is a testament to the brand's commitment to understated luxury.

Creed's packaging, like its fragrances, stands as an embodiment of heritage and refined taste.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford's design aesthetic is a reflection of the brand's fashion-forward approach. The sleek and contemporary bottles are not just bottles for the scents but statements themselves.

With a focus on modern glamour, Tom Ford's packaging is an extension of the brand's commitment to style and sophistication. The bold lines and luxurious materials visually represent the brand's avant-garde spirit.

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Creed score: 9/10

Tom Ford score: 8/10

Creed Perfume vs Tom Ford: The Verdict

Creed total score: 42/50

Tom Ford total score: 38/50

Creed emerges as the winner! Their centuries-long commitment to craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and rich heritage sets it apart as a beacon of excellence. Whether you're drawn to the iconic Creed Aventus, the fresh embrace of Green Irish Tweed, or any other fragrance from Creed's illustrious collection, each bottle is a testament to the brand's dedication to understated luxury.

While Creed claims the victory, it's essential to acknowledge that Tom Ford, with its modern elegance and diverse range of scents, is a formidable contender.

In the end, great fragrance awaits whether your heart leans towards the sophistication of Creed or the modern allure of Tom Ford.

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