Fjern vs Rab: Which Outdoor Jacket Brand is Better?

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Living in the UK, you need to call upon a warm, waterproof and trustworthy coat every once in a while (the majority of the year, to be exact). 

Being forced to wear one as often as you do, you want a coat that looks and feels great.

Waterproof clothing and adventuring gear are in vogue currently as Gorpcore has swept the globe, so if you want to look on-trend, you need to make sure your next jacket is reliable and easy on the eyes. 

Two giants of the outdoor clothing market are Fjern and Rab, with both brands having reputations for making stylish jackets that can withstand the elements. But which brand is better? In this guide from our lifestyle blog, we explore Fjern and Rab in more detail to give you an answer. 

First, let’s explore what you should be looking out for when it comes to buying outdoor gear.

Things to Look for When Choosing Outdoor Clothing and Equipment

Whether you're braving the scenic mountains of Snowdon or a walk to the shops in February, here are six things you must look out for when picking out great outdoor clothing, including: 

1. Year-round suitability

An excellent outdoor jacket will have year-round suitability. This means it’ll be warm and waterproof in autumn and winter but lightweight and breathable enough for use on milder days. 

2. Breathability 

Even on chilly days, you’re bound to get a little hot under the collar when you’re out hiking and exploring. A great piece of outdoor clothing will be breathable and made with moisture-wicking properties to ensure you remain comfortable. 

3. Waterproofing

It pays to be prepared for anything whilst exploring, especially in the UK, so getting a jacket, boots, and even trousers made from waterproof materials is a good idea.

4. Brand reputation 

When you’re buying outdoor clothing and equipment, it must be from a trusted brand to ensure its suitability and performance. 

5. Materials

A good jacket is all about having suitable materials. The ethically conscious amongst us will pick sustainable materials for the environment and themselves, balancing quality and eco-friendliness.

6. Suitability

If you're buying a jacket for a specific purpose, like hiking, climbing or cycling, you should opt for something designed with the sport in mind to ensure it performs as you want it to. A cycling jacket, for example, will have very different features from a hiking jacket.

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Fjern or Rab: Which Should You Choose?

In this section, we put Rab and Fjern head-to-head across five key metrics - quality, value for money, outdoor suitability, fashion and sustainability - to see which company comes out on top.



Fjern is an excellent option for anyone looking for a high-quality jacket, and the brand has worked tirelessly to create clothing that looks the part and serves its purpose as outdoor clothing. 

Using ripstop materials and Teflon-treated goose down insulation, and precise ergonomic stitching, Fjern jackets are designed to stand the test of time and ensure your 50th wear feels as comfortable as you first. 


Rab’s products are very similar in quality, and its jackets have been a firm favourite amongst hikers and mountaineers for over 50 years. The brand has certainly come a long way since its humble beginnings in a terraced house in Sheffield, and it has built its reputation on consistently making stylish jackets that encourage adventure - focusing on manufacturing lightweight, durable, and insulated pieces.

Fjern score: 8/10

Rab score: 8/10

Value for money


Fjern’s most budget-friendly jacket is the Vandring Stretch Fleece, a lightweight, form-fitting piece costing £85.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale, the brand’s most expensive outer layer is the Orkan Waterproof Shell, which costs £350 and has been designed to withstand the worst alpine conditions. This jacket is loaded with technical features, like direct venting and water-repellent zips.

Despite the differences in price between the cheapest and most expensive pieces, Fjern jackets represent good value for money when you consider their quality and all of the characteristics used to create them.


By comparison, Rab’s cheapest piece is the Vital Jacket, which is designed for warmer weather mountain adventures and costs £65. Unlike Fjern’s Vandring jacket, the Rab piece does not have a hood, but it is lightweight and windproof, making it ideal for summer and spring explorations.

The brand’s most expensive piece is the Expedition 8000 jacket, costing £650 - nearly double the price of the equivalent Fjern coat - made with weather-resistant Pertex and filled with 850 FP goose down, this jacket is built to withstand the harshest weather the planet has to offer.

Fjern score: 9/10

Rab score: 8/10

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Outdoor suitability


Fjern was created by skiers, hikers, mountaineers, mountain guides, and climbers, so it’s safe to say that its pieces are designed and made by those in the know. 

The brand’s jackets are built with performance in mind and feature lightweight materials to maximise freedom of movement. Towards the top end of the price range, technical features include handwarmer pockets, water-repellent zips and insulating liners to ensure complete comfort, whether you’re hurtling down a slope or traversing a mountain.


By comparison, Rab’s collection of jackets also features something for whatever outdoor pursuit interests you. Jackets are made with a series of premium fabrics, like Gore-Tex, and are designed with technical features that optimise comfort, including armpit ventilation, two-way zips, and PrimaLoft insulation.

Better yet, you can search the Rab website by activities like mountaineering, climbing, running, skiing and cycling to find what you’re looking for more quickly.

Fjern score: 8/10

Rab score: 9/10



Fjern offers a great range of jackets, whether you’re looking for something that pops with colour or a piece that feels classy and understated. The brand’s wide range of colours and fittings means there’s something for every style and taste.


Known for some of the most dependable jackets on the market, Rab seamlessly combines functionality with fashion, from durable hardshell jackets to casual, lightweight coats. You can find Rab jackets in a wide range of colours, and there are some great silhouettes to make look as good in the peaks as they do in the precinct. With the increased popularity of outdoor clothing and Gorpcore, Rab has become one of the most sought-after brands around.

Fjern score: 7/10

Rab score: 8/10



Fjern's pursuit of sustainability is plain to see when you look at its range, where many of its jackets include ‘ecoShield’. ecoShield fabric is made from 100% recycled polyester and is Global Recycled Standard (GRS) & BlueSign certified - highlighting the brand’s commitment to sustainability. 


As fashionable and high-quality as Rab is, they also strive to make jackets that contribute to a better world. Many of the brand’s products are made with 50% recycled materials, and a respectable percentage are made with more than 75% recycled materials.

What's more, when browsing Rab's range, you can see the sustainability specifications for each jacket. Rab continues to improve its sustainability and the brand’s current transparency is a big sign of their dedication.

Fjern score: 8/10

Rab score: 8/10

Fjern vs Rab: The Verdict

Now we’ve got to know both of these brands a little better, it’s time to see which has won our comparison. So, without further ado, here are the final scores:

Fjern score: 40/50

Rab score: 41/50

And there we have it! Rab has won by a very fine margin. With little to separate these two companies, choosing either brand for your next excursion would be a good call. 

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What is ‘Gorpcore’? 

Gorpcore is a fashion trend which focuses on sporty outdoor pieces and brands. The word ‘Gorp’ refers to good old raisins and peanuts, an expression used by hikers to refer to trail mix. Simply put, Gorpcore fashion focuses more on functionality and practicality than aesthetics.



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