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Top Luxury Pen Brands
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Luxury pens may seem like a very small niche, but the market for these writing instruments is projected to be worth £2.7 billion by 2028!

The most expensive luxury pen ever sold was bought for $8 million (approximately £6,589,040) and it was encrusted with black diamonds, which are exceptionally rare.

Whether you love collecting luxury pens or are looking for a unique gift, our guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the top luxury pen brands. 

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Types of luxury pens

There are many different types of pens, but luxury pens typically only come in the following three styles:

  • Luxury ballpoint pens - These are the most common type of pen that people use. Ballpoint pens typically use an oil-based ink that dries fast, preventing smudging.
  • Luxury rollerball pens - Rollerball pens are designed in the same way a ballpoint pen, but they use water-based ink instead.
  • Luxury fountain pen - Fountain pens have an ink reservoir and a metal nib to write with. They are water-based and can be customised through the use of dyes and additives.

10 best luxury pen brands

1. Montblanc

This highly respected pen brand is well-known for making high-quality luxury pens. They also produce bags, watches, leather goods, and fragrances.

With over 116 years of pen-making experience, these high-quality pens are considered a status symbol. Plus, they are great writing instruments.

If you're interested in owning a Montblanc luxury pen, you should take a look at the Montblanc Boheme Rouge Medium Fountain Pen. It features a 14k gold medium nib, a rhodium-plated inlay, and a synthetic ruby.

The Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912 Black Resin Fountain Pen is another good choice. It features a retracting 14k gold nib with a rhodium finish, and the cap has platinum-coated detailing.

2. Breguet Classique

This Swiss brand is most known for its watches, but they've also branched out into luxury pens. The pens come in three different collections - the Classique Collection, the Tradition Collection, and the Reine de Naples Collection.

Classique Collection pens are available in all three types and are made from silver and the pen nibs are 18k white gold.

Traditional Collection pens are available in all three types, including a pencil, and are made from titanium and 18k gold. The decorations on the body are available in white gold and rose gold.

Reine de Naples Collection pens are only available as fountain or rollerball pens. There's the option of a satin brushed edition that has 14 diamonds or a polished edition.

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3. S.T. Dupont

This French luxury brand was originally a carriage-making company, but founder Simon Tissot-Dupont pivoted to suitcases, luxury lighters, cufflinks, leather goods, and luxury pens.

If you want an elegant luxury pen from this brand, then have a look at some bestsellers like the Line D Medium Ballpoint Pen. This retractable pen has a lacquer body and polished palladium refined metal trim.

4. Montegrappa

This Italian brand was the first to specialise in gold nibs for their luxury fountain pens back in 1912, and they've continued to make some of the best luxury pens on the market.

If you want a stylish and elegant pen, consider the Montegrappa Cigar Sterling Silver Luxury Fountain Pen. The pen design is a replica of a cigar, complete with a cigar band. The pen has sterling silver trim and an 18k gold nib if you get the fountain pen instead of the rollerball pen.

5. Smythson

Smythson has been making high-quality pens and stationery since 1887. They're well known for creating the first portable databook in 1908, as well as supplying customised stationery for the elite like Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, and Grace Kelly.

Over the last 130 years, the brand has grown to manufacture leather goods, accessories, bags, and fashion items.

Like all Smythson silver pens, the Smythson Viceroy Luxury Fountain Pen is handmade from sterling silver and features a pinstripe pattern down the length of the pen.

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6. Caran d'Ache

This well-known Swiss brand has been making fine writing instruments since the early 1800s. They're one of the first brands to create and sell mechanical pencils.

The Silver Plated And Rhodium Ebony Ballpoint Pen is a great first pen to get from this luxury pen brand. This pen features a body made from ebony wood and rhodium-coated silver. Caran d’Ache Varius Ballpoint Pen is another great ballpoint pen you can try out from this brand.

7. Aurora

This Italian pen brand has been manufacturing pens, leather goods, and paper since 1919 and is one of the first Italian companies to manufacture fountain pens.

Aurora pens typically come with the option of a variety of nibs and colours. The Aurora 88 Luxury Fountain Pen is a classic and a great one to start with if you're interested in trying this brand's pens. It has a 14k gold nib as well as gold trim.

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8. Sheaffer Pens

This American luxury pen brand was founded in 1912, and since then, they've expanded the brand to include pen pouches, ink cartridges, and tablet holders.

Try the highly-rated Sheaffer 9165 Prelude Lacquer Fountain Pen or their nickel-plated Sheaffer Ferrari 100 9501 Rosso Corsa Fountain Pen. Both are made from red lacquer in a cigar shape.

9. Parker Pens

Parker has been making luxury pens since 1888. They sell all three types of pens that we've mentioned in the guide. They also sell their own Parker brand ink and ink refills.

Aside from being high quality, their pens are also aesthetically pleasing. Different collections have different themes and colours.

Start your collection of Parker pens with an old classic - the Duofold Classic. You can get this pen as a fountain or ballpoint pen. The pen nibs are hand assembled 18k solid gold and feature an Ace design.

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10. Cross

Cross is the oldest manufacturer of pens in the United States of America. They've been in business since 1846 and are the official pen supplier for The White House.

In 1879, Cross introduced the word to the stylographic pen and propel-repel mechanical pencil, which are the forerunners for our modern ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil.

If you're curious to see why this brand is so well-loved, think about purchasing the Century II Classic Black Rollerball Pen. It has a black lacquer body with 23k gold-plated decorative appointments. You can also get this pen in a fountain or ballpoint pen style.

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Which brand sells the best luxury ballpoint pens?

Caran D'Ache sells the best luxury ballpoint pens. Their pens are the best because they're affordable pens that offer good, consistent ink flow and clean, smooth lines.

Which brand sells the best luxury fountain pens?

Montblanc is widely considered to be the best luxury fountain pen brand because the pens come in a variety of sizes and their nibs work very well.

Which brand sells the best luxury rollerball pens?

Parker pens are considered the best luxury rollerball pens on the market. They market their rollerball pens as a combination of a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen due to their Parker Quink. It writes very smoothly.

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Luxury pens are predicted to grow in popularity, and if this is something you enjoy collecting, the very best brands are listed above.

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