Gnome Wood Slot Game Review

Gnome Wood Slot Game Review
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The mythical gnome kingdom serves as the theme for the online slot machine Gnome Wood. Where we may expect to see mystical symbols and animal allies working together to help you win prizes. This slot machine has stunning scenery, symbols, and gnome dwellings on a traditional 3-by-5 pay line layout.

Gnome Wood Slot Game 

Welcome to the Gnome Wood slot machine, a place where slot machines and fantastical places collide. The machine has a 3 by 5 pay line window with gnome, wound, fuzzy animal, and gnome object symbols. The Gnome Wood online slot's theme is a gnome-inhabited landscape with trees, modest homes, and even a beautiful bright day.

Theme & Symbols

A potion, a wand, a mystical book, a cauldron, a squirrel, and your mascot gnome are some of the symbols found on the Gnome Wood slot machine. Based on how many matching symbols fall, each symbol advances in pay grades. These symbols and bets are displayed on the "Win Symbols" box, which is accessible via the game choices in the bottom right. A luminous blue "Wild" sign with a runic swirl is also included in the game and serves as a stand-in for other symbols on the board.

The Basics: How to Play Gnome Wood Online Slot



You must first be familiar with the Gnome Wood casino slot's rules and mechanics in order to participate. Add your credits first, and they will show up in the credit counter. The total bet amount is located directly above the credit counter and can be customised by the player. The win amount is located above it and fills up depending on the results of each spin. You can start the spin after choosing the line number and placing your stake using the "Stake" rock underneath the second reel. To start the reels spinning, click the rock with the spinning symbol at the bottom center of the game screen.

Gnome Wood Slot RTP & Wager Limits

Theoretically, the return to player rate (RTP) is 96.16%, and the volatility level is rated as medium. All skill levels of slot users can enjoy what the Gnome Wood slot UK has to offer, and this slot caters to wagers between 0.25 and 50 per spin.

Gnome Wood Bonus Features



Walking Wilds and Respins

When it appears on a reel, the Wild symbol, which resembles a blue rune flashing on a flat rock, moves one reel to the left and grants a free re-spin for every position it moves. This implies that if the wild appears on reel 5, the player will receive 5 additional spins as the wild moves from reel to reel until disappearing from view. Additionally, it is possible to land a variety of wilds on the interface, awarding all the resins simultaneously. A wild with a 2x multiplier may occasionally also show up for some additional earning potential.

Gnome Wood Slot Free Spins

The free spins round is started when three of the golden coins with the gnomes' faces on them appear anywhere on the reels during a single spin. Players will receive 10 free spins as a result of this and be taken to another area of the enchanted forests. During the free spins phase, the walking wilds also come more frequently, and the free spins feature can also be reactivated by hitting three more scatter symbols.

Gamble Feature

A player has the option to wager their winnings each time they hit a winning combination by selecting a gold or bronze pot. If they choose right, their prize will be doubled; if they choose incorrectly, they will lose everything! The maximum number of times a player can wager the same wins is five, or up to a 10,000 value prize.

Play Gnome Wood Online on Slingo

The Gnome Wood casino slot is a fun and whimsical game that is sure to charm most slot players. To try out this game or any of the many casino games on our site, sign up and play today at

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