Mega Jade Slot Game Review

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Red Tiger Gaming's Mega Jade slot machine is a 5-reel, 10-payline slot machine. This multi-device game with a Chinese theme is all about the Mega Jade feature, which presents earning potential whenever a massive 3x3 gemstone symbol lands on the reels.

Mega Jade Slot Game 

Jade is frequently associated with luck, but can the well-known green stone lead you to the jackpot? Red Tiger Gaming's Mega Jade slot UK is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot that can be played on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices (via the mobile slot). The huge 3x3 symbol that can produce some sizable winning opportunities is the main draw in this game. You can wager anything from 20p to £500 per spin.

Theme & Symbols

The Mega Jade slot online is a straightforward, quick-moving game. The layout is rather straightforward; the white, unadorned reels feature a variety of vibrant playing card symbols as well as jade stones, a jade rectangle, and a jade pentagon. The most valuable sign is a jade circle enclosed in gold; three or more of them result in payouts of 50, 100, or 500 coins.

Mega Jade definitely draws inspiration from Chinese culture, yet it maintains an abstract design with the reels occupying most of the screen. The background is a general tangle of gold ornaments with sporadic bright green jade stones, while the reel symbols are fairly large and intricate. Like with most of Red Tiger Gaming's products, the screen's iconic red bars at the top and bottom are present. Despite the lack of a rigid game universe, Mega Jade is quite gorgeous to look at and the Chinese influence is obvious right from the start.

The Basics: How to Play Mega Jade Online Slot

Simply load the Mega Jade slot machine at to begin playing. As previously said, the Mega Jade slot offers a fantastic mobile version, allowing you to play on any device you prefer without feeling as though you're missing out on the game's overall aesthetic appeal. Once the slot is loaded, you must choose your desired wager size. Players with all different kinds of budgets are well cared for thanks to the Mega Jade slot's extremely versatile wagering restrictions, which range from 20 credits per spin to 500 credits per spin.

When you're happy with your wager, you may either click the spin button to start the reels spinning right away, or you can stop to make adjustments to the music or other parameters. Your odds of striking a winning combination are definitely slightly boosted since, as we've already mentioned in this Mega Jade slot review, winning combinations don't always need to start on the first reel. Once any wins have been added to your account, you can spin once again. All rewards are  made in accordance with the paytable.

Mega Jade Slot RTP & Wager Limits

The Mega Jade online slot has a great theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.1% and is played at medium volatility. The Mega Jade slot can be played for as little as 20 credits per spin, all the way up to 500 credits per spin. 

Mega Jade Bonus Features

If you’re looking for Mega Jade free spins, we have to break it to you that there aren’t any. But don’t be disheartened for too long, because there are a couple of really exciting bonus features to look out for instead.

Mega Jade Symbol

As implied by its name, the Mega Jade symbol occasionally appears on the reels. Even while this large jade orb, which occupies a 3 x 3 space on the reels, delivers a win on its own, you can win significantly if the reels are cooperative and you also land on other surrounding comparable symbols.

Land Three on ANY reel!

This helps the Mega Jade online slot stand out from the competition as it is a really unique feature. You will automatically win a prize if you spin up three or more adjacent symbols on a horizontal payline, whether or not the symbols start on reel 1. It's a feature that has the potential to be incredibly lucrative, especially if you can cover the reels in matching symbols to produce hundreds of different nearby win combinations.

Play Mega Jade Online on Slingo

Remember, not all that glitters is gold; it may be jade too! If you want to play the Mega Jade slot machine, sign up and play today at

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