Hot or Cold New Feature

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Hot or cold, the choice is yours!

Here at, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you have a great time while playing with us. This is why our website now includes a hot and cold option. The hot/cold feature is used to assess whether a slot is hot, meaning players are consistently winning payments, or cold, meaning players are having difficulty achieving payouts on the game. This is fantastic since it allows you to either follow or oppose slot trends.

How To Use Hot or Cold New Feature

Go to our website's games section and click the new tab to access our brand new Hot and Cold function. You can choose whether to view the hot or cold slots on this page. This area is updated every 5 minutes to guarantee that you have the most up-to-date information possible since we all know how rapidly things can change in the world of slots!

Hot Indicator

Three different flame-like pictures make up the Hot Indicator. The symbol's intensity indicates which slots players are earning the most and where they are on winning streaks.

Cold Indicator

The Cold Indicator, like the Hot Indicator, has three separate layers, but they are constructed of ice. These icons indicate which slots are acting erratically and are not paying out frequently.

Why Use the Hot or Cold Feature on Slingo

RNG technology assures that all online slots are completely random, as we've seen. The Hot and Cold feature, on the other hand, is handy because it can suggest which of your favorite slots to play on any given day. You have two options: join the crowd and play the hot slots, or go against the grain and play the colder games in the hopes of breaking your other players' losing streaks.

Whether you’re Feeling Hot or Cold, Play now at Slingo

You can enjoy the new Hot and Cold feature at whether you love spicy heat or are one cool kitty. Login and try out this feature today.

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