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Magical Slingo Games
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Slingo games come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and volatilities! To help you narrow it down, this time we’re focusing on medium volatility Slingo games. From the enchanting Slingo Rainbow Riches to the red-hot Slingo Extreme, there are lots of fun games to try.

Not sure what medium volatility is? Don’t worry – we explain all in the next section!


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What Does Medium Volatility Mean? 

Volatility in slot games refers to the level of risk the game has. To simplify it slightly, it is the game’s hit rate (how often you can expect to win), in combination with its maximum exposure (the biggest possible win in the game). 

Games are often categorised as high volatility, low volatility, or medium volatility. High volatility games are those with a higher risk, but bigger potential rewards. These types of games tend to pay out less frequently – but the prizes tend to be bigger when they do pay out.

Low volatility games present a smaller risk, but the potential prizes are also smaller. These games tend to pay out more frequently, but with smaller prizes.

As you may have guessed, medium volatility slots fall somewhere in between. They present a medium-sized risk and are likely to pay out prizes that are bigger than low volatility games, but smaller than high volatility games. Whatever game you choose, remember to always gamble responsibly, and never spend more than you can afford to lose.

Try These Medium Volatility Slingo Games

The Slingo games below are all classed as medium volatility – see which one takes your fancy, then give it a spin!

Slingo Reel Extreme

Slingo Reel Extreme is a red-hot Slingo game, featuring fast-paced gameplay and a fun rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack. The setup is largely the same as Slingo Reel Riches (see below), although in Slingo Reel Extreme each game consists of five linked spins on the reels. This means that any Bonus symbols you collect remain in place across five spins to give you more chances to trigger the bonus round.

The symbols are the same as in Slingo Reel Riches, including cherubs, Jokers, Super Jokers and devils!



Slingo Reel Riches

Slingo Reel Riches is a fun Slingo game with an innovative five reel, three row slot machine layout instead of the familiar Slingo grid.

Find three Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger the Win Spins Bonus at the end of the game. In Win Spins you control the volatility of the game by choosing your preferred free spins/multiplier combo. Wilds double any win they form a part of, which adds to the excitement in this engaging Slingo game.



Slingo Fortunes

Slingo Fortunes is a fun Slingo title with gameplay that is similar to Slingo Deal or No Deal. At the start of the game you’ll see 26 red envelopes on the screen, and you’ll be invited to choose one as your lucky envelope.

The lucky envelope will be removed from the screen, and you’ll spin the Slingo reel to match up numbers on the grid and complete Slingos. Get four or more Slingos and you’ll be given the option to gamble the mystery value of your red envelope for a cash prize. You decide whether to accept the offer, decline it and take your mystery prize, or keep spinning.



Slingo Rainbow Riches

The Slingo Rainbow Riches game combines the familiar Slingo grid with Rainbow Riches, one of the most popular slot game series ever! In this exciting game you’ll complete Slingos on the 5x5 grid to move up the bonus ladder, unlocking bonus rounds as you go.

Complete five or more Slingos to trigger one of seven bonus rounds. For example, five Slingos activates the Wishing Well bonus, where you’ll choose one of three wishing wells to reveal a multiplier prize.

Or make it all the way to the top of the bonus ladder (11 Slingos) to reach the Pots of Gold bonus round. With a top prize of 1,000x your original bet, Slingo Rainbow Riches is one of our favourite Slingo games ever.



Slingo Extreme

Slingo Extreme is a red-hot Slingo game with a top prize of up to 500x your bet. We love its fiery design, and its simple gameplay makes it ideal for both beginners and more experienced players. Just like in other Slingo games, the aim is to mark off numbers on the Slingo grid to complete Slingos and work your way up the pay ladder.

Jokers and Super Jokers can appear on the reels to hopefully help you complete Slingos. And watch out for the Devil symbol – he’ll act as a blocker to try to stop you from getting Slingos!



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