Play with the Jokers from Slingo Classic this April 1st

Play with the Jokers from Slingo Classic this April 1st
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Slingo Classic: Play the Game that Defined the Entire Genre


April the 1st is April Fools Day, the day for jokers and clowns the world over. Here at Slingo, we can think of no better slot to play to commemorate this day than Slingo Classic which features the iconic Joker duo that can supercharge your winning potential. 

Back in the year 2000, Slingo was one of the original mainstay titles of online gaming. This year, the popular game returns in its traditional noughties guise, having grown into a cornerstone franchise with innumerable spinoffs and reinventions.

Slingo Classic brings back the ancient graphics (but not at dial-up rates!) and provides a condensed version of the game that started it all. While the game has received a small facelift, you'll find all of the game's best-loved features here, including, as you already know, everyone's favorite wild symbol, the Joker. So, keep on reading to find out about this brilliantly classic slot machine, including how to play, the features to look out for, and of course, more on those exciting joker symbols. 

Slingo Classic: Game Basics


So, let’s explore the basics of how to play the Slingo Classic slot machine and how everything works. Setting your stake amount is the first step in playing the Slingo Classic online. This is accomplished by using the + and - buttons to increase or decrease your wager. When you're satisfied with your wager, press the red 'start game' button to begin playing.

The goal of the game is to match numbers on your 5x5 game grid with the numbers you spin. Players are allowed 11 spins to match as many numbers as possible, and each completed line (in either direction) earns them a 'Slingo,' which advances them up the reward ladder. The prize ladder is located to the left of the game grid, and players who match all numbers (known as a full house) will win the maximum prize of 500 times their stake amount.

When players mark off a line of five digits, they win a 'Slingo.' The cash award grows with each Slingo a player wins. The progress ladder on the left-hand side of the screen keeps track of this. If a player gets 11 Slingos, they've won a 'Full House,' which means they've won 500 times their original bet!

Symbols used in the Slingo Classic slot include, of course, the Joker and Super Joker, the numbers that you’ll need to match, the coin which awards instant cash prizes, and the devil which is a blocking symbol that aims to prevent you from making matches. 

Players have the option of purchasing extra spins at the end of each game to help them finish more Slingos. Extra spins vary in price depending on the game. Up to 8 further spins are permitted, with the cost of each listed on the green 'spin' button.

If you don't want to gamble, simply press the "collect" button to cancel the game and collect your earnings.

Get a Chance to Win Big with Jokers


The Joker and Super Joker are the online Slingo Classic's wild symbols and are the icons of the Sling Genre. These symbols resemble each other, but the Super Joker has a green backdrop, so it's easy to tell them apart. The game is also affected differently by the two sorts of Jokers. The Joker is the baby brother and his job is to help you scratch any number in the column above its reel position, which is really handy if you get lucky with where this symbol lands. The bigger brother, the Super Joker, may scratch any number in any grid position, which can be a complete game-changer if a single number is preventing you from completing multiple Slingos at once.

How to Get Free Spins on Slingo Classic


In Slingo Classic, players can win free spins by landing the free spins symbol on the reels. The free spins won will be played at the end of the main game spins. It’s definitely worth noting that this will increase the overall number of spins players get to enjoy by one, but it will decrease the number of extra spins available for purchase at the end of the main spins. This means that no game of Slingo Classic will ever exceed 19 spins.

Play Slingo Classic Online at

At we love all things Slingo - it’s in our name! If you’ve never played a Slingo game before, first of all, what are you waiting for, and second of all, there’s no better place to start than where it all began with Slingo Classic. Slingo Classic features all the elements that make up a great Slingo game, and the Jokers definitely take center stage here. 

Once you’ve got the basics down by playing Slingo Classic you will open up a whole new world of exciting online games. From themed Slingo titles like Slingo Deal or No Deal to more high volatility options such as Slingo XXXtreme, this exciting genre truly has something to offer everyone. Best of all though, you can play Slingo Classic as well as all the Slingo titles that your heart desires right here at So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and play today!

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