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Slingo Spotlight: Slingo Elf Blitz

Slingo Elf Blitz
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Slingo Elf Blitz’ Overview

While Christmas may be done, winter is still very much here, so why not hang out with the elves in their post-holiday downtime in Slingo Elf Blitz? In today’s article we’ll be reviewing this brand-new Slingo game, but if you want a guided overview, feel free to check out the Slingo Elf Blitz game page. Now without further ado, let us shine our Spotlight on the Sling Elf Blitz slot and share our thoughts on this holiday Slingo game.


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Slingo Rakin Bacon Information

Game Name: Slingo Elf Blitz

Reels: 5

Game Provider: Slingo Originals brought by Gaming Realms

Paylines: 12

Theme: 2D/3D, Christmas

Min & Max Bet: £0.20 - £20


HIGHLIGHT ONE: Slingo Elf Blitz’ Gameplay

If you’ve played Slingo games before then you’ll be familiar with the core gameplay elements of the Slingo Elf Blitz slot machine. The objective of this Slingo game is to match numbers on the reels with those on the grid to complete lines, or "Slingos," and move up the pay ladder. However, Slingo Elf Blitz has a pretty unique additional mechanism. One of the three elves—red, blue, or green—must be chosen before you can play Slingo Elf Blitz each with their own amusing holiday names. Since each elf's volatility varies, so do their multipliers. The red elf, for instance, has multipliers up to x1000. As you know, in Slingo games, up to 5 numbers can appear on the game reel per spin, but these numbers have been given colours each pertaining to one of the elves. For each number that matches on your game grid, the corresponding coloured elf moves around the track. This element definitely adds something new to the traditional Slingo formula, and it’s quite exciting too!

HIGHLIGHT TWO: Does the Slingo Elf Blitz Game Theme Bring Us Cheer?

There’s no prizes being given out for predicting the theme of this game, which developer Slingo Originals has experimented with before in previous releases you may be familiar with such as Slingo Bells. There are many different ways in which developers can create a festive game, and the Slingo Elf Blitz follows the traditional 1950s ‘toy town’ like the iconic animation ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’. The colours are bright and cheerful, and the additional race track has been well incorporated as it encircles the main game grid.



HIGHLIGHT THREE: What Can We Expect From Slingo Elf Blitz’ Symbols?

Three cheeky elves are featured in the Slingo Elf Blitz game, where they will race around the track to give you the chance to earn jackpot prizes and multipliers. Chester Nuts is the green elf, and he has a £200 jackpot. North Pole Nitro, in blue, comes next and has a £500 jackpot. The last but most definitely not least is Red Elf Patty Cakes, which has a £1,000 jackpot. Of course, the majority of the symbols that can land on the reels are numbers which hopefully match the ones that appear on your game grid, but there are also a few special symbols to keep an eye out for. 

None of the elves are moved about the track by the gold presents, which stand in for a number that has been crossed off the grid. Additionally, there are Wilds and Super Wilds in the Slingo Elf Blitz slot game. These wilds can also be gold, red, blue, or green. In addition to advancing the matching elf around the track, wilds lets you mark off any number in the column above the one it appears in. Super Wilds work similarly, but you can mark off any number on the entire grid. Gold wilds and super wilds still let you tick off numbers, but they don't move an elf further down the track. Keep an eye out for the Free Spin symbol as well, since it will grant you an extra spin at the conclusion of the current game.



HIGHLIGHT FOUR: Slingo Elf Blitz’ Game Bonuses

Slingo games don’t tend to have many additional features like traditional slot games have but there are a few elements of Slingo Elf Blitz to talk about. Firstly, we are treated to the racing feature as already mentioned, and our winning potential can be enhanced by the wilds and super wilds. Out side of this the only other bonus element is the free games. These can be awarded by landing the free spins symbol on the reels. The initial gameplay of the Slingo Elf Blitz slot takes place over 10 spins and when these come to an end any additional spins won will be awarded. After this players may also choose to purchase additional spins in the hopes of completing more Slingos. 

FINAL HIGHLIGHT: Slingo Elf Blitz; A Cheerful and Amusing Holiday Title

Here at Slingo, we’re passionate about, well, all things Slingo, and we hope that our review of the Slingo Elf Blitz slot has you excited too. With Slingo Elf Blitz you can get into the holiday spirit any time of the year, perfect if you’re the type of player who isn’t ready for Christmas to be over just yet. Not to worry if you’re the type of player who likes to stick to the seasons either, because Slingo Elf Blitz is just one of the many Slingo Originals’ releases by Gaming Realm, so when winter is done you can step into spring with a new Slingo game. If you’d like to learn more about the world of Slingo Originals games then check out our blog entitled What are Slingo Originals Games at to learn more.

Play The Forever Festive Slingo Elf Blitz on Slingo

If you’d like to play Slingo Elf Blitz while there’s still a chill in the air then why not sign up and play today right here at Good luck, have fun, and always gamble responsibly!


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